Ryan Coogler and Michael B. Jordan reunite for mysterious new movie

Longtime collaborators Ryan Coogler and Michael B. Jordan are reteaming for a mysterious new project.

hollywood reporter The dynamic duo behind the scoop Coogler’s big breakthrough, Fruitvale Station and black panther, creed (and its subsequent installments), and Black Panther: Wakanda Forever There’s a new feature film in the works. new, “Untitled Film” is writer-director Coogler’s first spec screenplay through his production company, Proximity Media. However, Kugler is no stranger to writing to convention—Fruitvale Station was conceived in the same way. Until now, he was at a critical point in his career where people came to him whenever he put pen to paper.

So what is this new movie about?Conceits and everything else about upcoming features are being kept in Namor’s underwater kingdom (a wakanda forever for layman’s reference), but THR To discover that this was a genre film and that it was Coogler’s original idea, executives and potential buyers had to travel to WME’s Beverly Hills offices to view Coogler’s script. This all happened last week.

We don’t even know what genre Coogler is working on – could it be science fiction? black panther Can the film fit into a larger narrative? Will this be a thriller? fantasy? fear? There is said to be a period element to it, but no one knows for sure.

At this point in Coogler’s career, it’s entirely necessary for him to maintain this level of secrecy, not to mention the interest of potential partners.He comes again and again, and he can take on almost any genre, from heartbreaking drama to Fruitvale Station to superhero Afrofuturism taking the world by storm black panther Revitalizing a beloved sports franchise creed And make it sing.In Jordan, he has found a compelling protagonist who can embody the image of a hero, or be as memorable as he did in these two films black panther movie, a fascinating villain.

We will share more as we learn more.

Featured image: Ryan Coogler and Michael B. Jordan on the set of “Tenet.” Courtesy of Warner Bros.

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