Safe and effective protection to prevent children from being stabbed

The arrival of autumn means the revival of all things. influenza. With it, vaccination campaign One of the most vulnerable: the smallest people in the house.he Campo Chiron Salud Hospital, Gibraltar Intranasal flu vaccination was introduced, which administers the vaccine through the nose and prevents children from suffering a classic puncture.

José Luis Díaz, Head of Pediatric Services at Palmones Hospital, emphasizes intranasal influenza vaccine. “This method of vaccination is as safe and effective as the traditional injection, but by giving it an intranasal injection we avoid any discomfort when boys and girls come in for consultation,” We improve compliance with flu vaccinations and coverage. “The doctor added.

But how does the flu spread? “Since every year Most children understand that “It’s important for parents to understand how the virus spreads and why vaccines are a very important measure for them and their environment.” To this end, Dr. Diaz pointed to factors, “such as child care and schools, which “These are places where children interact closely and can facilitate the spread of influenza viruses when infected children sneeze, cough, or talk;” even when they share items such as toys, utensils, plates, cutlery, or school supplies. In these situations, it is crucial to regularly clean shared objects in the school environment and teach children the importance of hand washing. “

Another aspect that Dr. José Luis Díaz emphasizes is awareness of Vaccination As the primary protective shield, “because it is the basic measure to prevent influenza in the event of an prevention. Every year a new vaccine is developed based on the most common strains of the virus. “The antibodies produced by this vaccine can act as a defender against the pathogen, preparing the body to effectively fight it.”

In turn, the head of the pediatric service at Campo Gibraltar Hospital stressed the importance of understanding that vaccination is “more than a simple immunization measure”. The explanation is simple, because “the flu vaccine not only protects the vaccinated child, it also minimizes the chance of the virus spreading to those around them, such as grandparents and other vulnerable groups.”.

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