Sales of flu and coronavirus tests drop at Cantabrian pharmacies

Demand for flu and coronavirus tests at Cantabrian pharmacies has decreased in recent days due to a surge in cases, but this has not caused a shortage. This is what the Dean of the College pointed out…

Demand for tests to detect influenza and COVID-19 has decreased”A little bit“Pharmacies in Cantabria have experienced a boom in recent days due to a surge in cases, but this has not caused shortages.

This has been pointed out Dean of School of Pharmacy (COF) Cantabria, Rita de la Plazawho once said “No shortage of masks, no shortage of testing“.

Additionally, he downplayed the growth in test sales since the infection spread, stating that “Another tool we have now“As masks have been mandated in medical centers, mask sales have been increasing,” he said.

Yes, demand and sales did increase, but that’s logical.The flu is around this time of year, and now we have one more tool to help us distinguish if it’s the flu, COVID-19, or if we have nothing but a common cold”, responded to media questions on the matter after COF signed an agreement with the Cantabrian government to include pharmacies in the fight against unnecessary loneliness.

Finally, the college president called on individuals to take responsibility and wear a mask if they experience these symptoms of infection.

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