Salma Hayek brutally mocks Ryan Reynolds during tour

In the action movie “The Killer and the Bodyguard 2,” Salma Hayek and Ryan Reynolds launched the poster, but the tour never stopped! Surtout for Ryan Reynolds, which remains in the memory.

Hitman & Bodyguard 2: shocking trio

In 2017, action comedy Hitman and bodyguard achieved unexpected success in cinema, grossing almost $200 million worldwide (against a budget of more than $30 million). Starring Ryan Reynolds and Samuel L. Jackson, this action-comedy tells the story of world-famous orderly Michael Bryce (played by Ryan Reynolds), who is the protagonist of famous actor Darius Kincaid (played by Samuel L. Jackson).

Even though the two men are opposites of each other in terms of personality and style, They are forced to cooperate to fight the bloody dictator of Eastern Europe. This film is part of the great tradition of Hollywood buddy films.

Suite au succès du premier volet, la suite Killer and bodyguard 2 voit le jour quatre ans later. On stage she met Darius’ woman, Sonya Kincaid, starring Salma Hayek. In this suite, Bryce is the first one to enter Perilleza mission, this man protects Sonya, as well as everything invisible and dangerous that is on the seas. This unlikely trio is at the heart of a global conspiracy to destroy Europe.

When Ryan Reynolds remembers GIFs of Salma Hayek

At the time of the sortieKiller and bodyguard 2 In American stores, Variety magazine dedicated a long story to Salma Hayek, in which she reviewed her projects. According to statements from their co-stars, as well as a note from Ryan Reynolds, this is a special moment on the action movie’s tour.

Indeed, in one episode, Sonya’s character gives Michael Bryce two reprises. And their prizes are yours, Salma Hayek doesn’t seem to remember her coupsAs far as I remember Ryan Reynolds:

In the film, Salma gave me two days ago and Samuel L. Jackson once. To be clear, it’s Salma who couldn’t resist turning around. Pas meme une fois. I can’t wait to hear the vibrant sweetness of my little main being portrayed in these two Hollywood litters. Que Dieu pities my son

avait-il déclaré, non pointe humor.

A highlight of the film after watching one of these scenes with Ryan Reynolds, where you can see more photos of Salma Hayek, who is a gift woman:

Forward Hitman and bodyguardSalma Hayek is ready to lose her talents in such action films desperate, Wild Wild West you’re doing an encore Bandids.

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