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It’s normal to want to be flawless on your first red carpet. After all, this is something that will never be repeated: the thrill of walking the red carpet and being the center of attention. He didn’t forget it either Salma Hayekalthough her first experience was not as glamorous as one might imagine.

In an interview provided Tue the actress recalled the premiere of the film in 1996. Ostrich Feathers (Birdcage)starring Robin Williamsin which he appeared in a turtleneck sweater and a dark designer men’s suit. Hugo Boss.

Salma Hayek in the movie “Hugo Boss”

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“I had no contacts. The only acquaintance I had then was with someone inside Hugo Boss,” said the wife Francois-Henri PinaultPresident and CEO of the company Kering “So I put on a man’s suit because no one else would give me anything.”

A memory related to something he said a few years ago in 2021 during an interview. Fashion India recalling how early in her career, as a complete stranger, no one came to dress her: “I’m Mexican and also very short, which doesn’t help.” That is why for some time she made necessity a virtue and wore only men’s clothing.

Salma Hayek during an interview with Jay Leno

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