Salud and Huésped Foundation hold important meeting on disease – Santiago del Estero

he Provincial AIDS Program – Ministry of Health Sexually Transmitted Infections and Viral Hepatitis nearby guest foundation Number of days to hold HIV, syphilis and hepatitis testingand pre- and post-test counseling, including information, brochures and condoms agricultural school consist of mokes.

Likewise, during a visit by the authorities Basea working meeting was held coordinated by the Minister of Health. Natividad Nassif Attorneyhe participated in Cecilia ValerianoProgram Director, Huésped Foundation; Provincial HIV/AIDS Program – Sexually Transmitted Infections and Viral Hepatitis Coordinator, Lucia Abdeljad Together with the health staff and care coordinators who make up the above projects, Agustina Gomez.

Decentralization of care was discussed during the meeting and all GPs were trained on the topic Provincial Program and Huésped Foundation.

In this regard, Minister Nassifhighlighting that the province has been making solid progress in decentralizing HIV diagnosis, treatment and monitoring policies as a way “Ensure people have close and barrier-free access to health.”

on the same day, Nassif Delivered equipment Quantitative detection of CD4 lymphocytesthe Analytical Defense, is designed to be used in patients with HIV.The team said Polymethylmethacrylate will be committed to CEAMM this is an investment ministry of health managed by Provincial HIV Program, This will enable the program to optimize surveillance of HIV patients in our province. “These new equipment will enable research to be conducted across the province and completed quickly and in a timely manner”the minister pointed out.

Vittorio Ramos,Who is responsible Provincial project operation managementcommented: “We are working in the region in coordination with the Huésped Foundation and MOCASE, starting testing days at the agricultural schools that make up MOCASE. In addition to testing, pre- and post-test counseling, graphic and textual materials are provided and condoms, and we also held talks to continue working together to achieve early diagnosis and access to treatment for HIV.”

also, Cecilia Valeriano Coordination efforts to decentralize diagnostics were mentioned HIV and test it. “We are working to strengthen health institutions and the MOCASE health sector to improve the province’s network of contacts, especially for HIV, giving the indigenous peasant movement greater autonomy without the need for HIV projects or foundations to work on the ground. This At this moment.”

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