Samsung Galaxy’s hidden trick to activate Chromecast ahead of One UI 6 official release

The different protocols for sending content, or “screen mirroring,” confuse many users, and it ends up being difficult to know which device supports one of them.Samsung hopes to fix this poor experience with One UI 6 based on Android 14 so that anyone Their phones offer official support for Chromecast. There is another way to activate Google Cast on phones from Korean manufacturers.

In One UI 6, anyone with a Samsung Galaxy can send content from the phone or simply perform “screen mirroring,” a feature that displays the phone’s screen to a smart TV.It will be officially released, but this feature is For Samsung Galaxy with One UI 5.1although somewhat hidden, can be activated in a few simple steps.

To activate Google Cast on your Samsung Galaxy, you must go to Go to Settings, then Connected Devices, then Smart View. From this screen, click the three-dot icon in the upper right corner, then click Settings, then click About Smart View.Here you have to activate the developer options by clicking the “Smart View” text 10 times and entering the key #00rtsp00.

Samsung Chromecast

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Once activated, you can Find the Google Cast feature to activate to view all Chromecast-compatible audio and video devices on the local network. As mentioned earlier, you can pass your Samsung Galaxy screen to your Smart TV screen, or send content like you would any other Android phone. Best of all, Smart View now works with any Chromecast-enabled device, allowing anyone accustomed to the experience to cast their content to a Chromecast device.

This ability to send content using Smart View was designed on Samsung phones via the Miracast protocol, although it was not compatible with Chromecast devices until the Korean manufacturer decided to integrate it in One UI 5.1. in a rather covert way Accessible after going through a few setup screens. Now all that remains is to wait for One UI 6 and bring it directly to one of the home screens for easier activation, although in this version that will be launched in Spain it is already available in an easier way.

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