San Diego?Take advantage of the city hosting the next Copa Libertadores final

Planning is about to begin for the 2024 South American football season.he before the olympics The finals have been organized Cup Winners’ Cup They already have a date, they know the band’s drum sounds America’s Cup and date Copa Libertadores and South American.

perhaps The only thing missing is knowing where the next Copa Libertadores final will be held. In the absence of official authorization, AS has learned that the city to increase bonuses within the Conmebol Council is Buenos Aires.

A few years ago, the Argentine capital was looking for the final of the aforementioned competition, one of the goals set during the pandemic. More over, If they ultimately qualify for the finals, the game will be played at Monument Stadiumbelongs to the river bed.

Although the Candy Box also dreams of a Copa Libertadores final, it seems difficult to choose the iconic Boca Juniors stadiumbecause the xeneize team will most likely not participate in the next competition.

No votes yet, but Buenos Aires has edge over LimaThe city hosted its first individual finals since its founding in 2019. In CONMEBOL, they don’t welcome duplication of venues And they didn’t hand the finals off in the best way to the different Colombian and Ecuadorian cities that applied, because This has caused many fears that fans will have problems with transfers and that a situation like 2022 will happen, when the final in Guayaquil was played without a full stadium..

Are there any other headquarters? Although the CSF spoke internally to Santiago de Chile in the hope of seeking to iron out differences after the country was excluded from organizing the 2030 World Cup opening match, the idea did not materialize as the Chilean Football Federation did not put forward a proposal. And, more importantly, he gave up his support for any candidacy. In fact, this is how they ruled out supporting Concepcion as a candidate to host the 2024 South American final.

Fluminense won the 2023 Copa Libertadores title at Maracana. The ‘Flu’ team is preparing to participate in the 2023 Club World Cup, the 2024 Copa Sudamericana and the next Copa Libertadores.Antonio LacerdaEffie

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