Sanfelicinema, the fifty-first season is already underway: it starts with Barbie

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On Friday, September 15th, showings will begin again at the Segrate arthouse, run by a group of passionate volunteers. The first film chosen was a blockbuster with Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling.

The curtain rises on the new fifty-first season of Sanfelicinema. The screen of the Segrate arthouse will turn on again on Friday, September 15 after the summer holidays. And this meeting is not to be missed, given that the film chosen for the reboot is “Barbie”a global box office and critical success, which will be shown in cinemas in Piazza Centro Commerciale from Friday 15 September to Sunday.

“We planned to open at the end of the month, but we want to offer Barbie to our public and decided to anticipate it,” he says. Raffaella Calabresewhat’s up with Raffaella Parodi is programming Sanfelicinema – we really liked the film, it impresses with costumes, sets and music, it just sends a good signal to both women and men. After the doll played by Margot Robbie, the turn will come A woman named Maishabelthe story of the widow of a politician killed by ETA terrorists, and then Last movie show (“Something like the Indian version of Nuovo Cinema Paradiso,” Calabrese suggests.) Instead, there is nothing to do … Barbenheimer – namely the brace with Oppenheimer, another summer hit – given that the film had to be shown for at least three weeks. The Christopher Nolan film could still be offered in October.

Film starring Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling to open Segrato season

“We alternate names every seven days with mix of genresbetween auteur cinema and blockbusters, which has always been our philosophy, – explains the manager of Sanfelicinema, – over time, we have lightened the topics a bit, because the audience has changed and especially after the pandemic, there was a desire for lightness, but without sacrificing quality. The type of offering varies a lot, and now we also need to be very careful to avoid duplication with those who are moving directly from cinema to streaming platforms, as was clear a few months ago with Air, which immediately moved to Amazon…” .

The value of the program is also accompanied by a good level structure, with equipment far superior to the classic “parochial cinema” … “During the forced shutdown due to the pandemic, we installed a Dolby 7.1 audio system and “removed” the old projector on a digital one,” Calabrese lists. The room is equipped with 196 well-spaced comfortable red chairs and a large screen. Something new this year is sort of a throwback given that the screenings will be held, as in the weekend, on Friday evening, which will replace Thursday as it was before Covid. “The cinema used to run Thursday through Sunday, but now resources are more limited,” the manager explains, “we tested on Thursdays, but the results were not satisfactory, so we returned to the pre-pandemic Friday, always keeping 4 weekly cinema tickets“.

To guarantee the opening, as always for fifty years, volunteers who organize and manage the ticket office and the hall With Valuable contribution of Don Norberto Brigatti, citizen provost and “owner” of the cinema as parish priest of San Felice, passionate film buff and involved in the choice of titles. “We are all volunteers,” emphasizes Calabrese, “the doors of Sanfelicinema are open, it takes a few evenings a month and a little familiarity with the computer, with the opportunity to have a good experience and visit the shows together.”

Prices at Sanfelicinema are the same as those of arthouse theaters (€7.50 full price, €6 reduced price) and can also be booked online from the website.

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