Santa insists on separating Betanzos gastroenteritis outbreak from river and accuses MPs of lying

A Coruña, November 28 (European News Agency)

The Minister of Infrastructure and Transport, Ethel Vázquez, accused the Mayor of Betanzos, María Barral, of lying about the origins of a gastroenteritis outbreak registered in the city, citing the Analysis carried out by Mendo insists this is not the case and it is “a problem for the river, but a problem for the supply system”.

She did so after the councilor mentioned the Seprona report highlighting the presence of norovirus in the river and the operational failures of the Curtis and Oza-Sesulas treatment plants. Furthermore, he argued that for the council it was the cause of the gastroenteritis outbreak identified in May, rather than a problem with the municipal network.

“It seems unbelievable that a mayor intends to accuse Xunta and defend a water service concessionaire, and she should feel guilty for resorting to lies and serious disqualification,” Ethel Vázquez said when asked by reporters. shame.”

“In Ogas de Galicia, we help the city council solve this problem,” he said of the gastroenteritis outbreak. Furthermore, he said the council was “aware” they were requiring pipes and tanks to be cleaned “as an effective measure to address supply issues for residents”.

“The mayor said the problem was in the river and it was about draining it,” emphasized Ethel Vázquez, arguing that “63 samples were taken in the Mendo River” and the results were consistent with the presence of norovirus “Levels are similar to those in other rivers,” he said, confirming that “it’s not a problem with the river, but with the supply system.”

Additionally, he urged lawmakers to say “which passage in the National Guard report clearly indicates that the gastroenteritis outbreak was due to conditions in the river.”

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