Saudi Arabia excited for World Cup thanks to Cristiano Ronaldo

he Everest dollars that exist in Saudi Arabia It allows for any whim to be catered for.With unlimited wallets, no one can imagine how far this country is middle Easthe has begun to consider the possibility of hosting the conference 2034 world cup.Judging from the latest sequence, he is clearly a strong candidate, and cristiano ronaldo Probably had a lot to do with the final decision.

for agenda issues Gianni Infantino Attending a conference in the gulf countries Future Investment Initiative (FII)although he used the opportunity to watch the Portuguese vs. Al Nasr.

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President FIFA Enjoy the team’s wonderful victory Riyadh Last Tuesday, October 24, won 4-3 AFC Champions League That continent. He then meets the football player with a past. real Madrid and Manchester Unitedwhich promotes a version that ensures the Saudi state becomes the host of major events in 2034.

The fact that the highest authority of the parent entity was one of the advocates of this incident pleased him so much that he made it public on social networks.Infantino described what happened after the match in one of his publications loopholes. “Cristiano has brought great joy to fans around the world during his illustrious career and this time is no exception. It is a pleasure to be with him and his team after their home win over Al Duhail in the AFC Champions League,” he said. Talking to teammates of Al Nasr. “

Coincidentally, the Swiss are Yasser al-Mishehar,President Saudi Federation, with whom he has held some talks to support this candidacy. Notably, the region has the advantage of being formally proposed as the first host country. 2034 World Cupbeyond plan Oceania and other countries Asia (Australia, Thailand, Indonesia and Malaysia) Apply by yourself.

The Christian factor and the arrival of stars last summer also benefit their chances, given the image they have left behind in this area.With recent visits Gianni Infantino They are making further progress in an ongoing battle, albeit with just over a decade remaining.

Optimism prevails in Saudi Arabia

if your neighbor Qatar Still enjoying the reverberations from the last World Cup Emirates Airlines It also occupies an important position in the sports industry and event organization, Saudi Arabia Think it’s okay. That’s why he’s using the power of his wallet in the industry and promising to keep getting people talking.

There were several major events.He recently planned a showdown between the two strongest teams against Paris Saint-Germain and invited Marcelo Gallardo As DT; it is the headquarters of the Football Super Cup Spain and Italy; its date is Formula 1; Granted the right to receive dakar; whose goal is to campaign 2036 Olympic Games The possibility of getting excited about the 2034 World Cup sounds increasingly likely.

The equation is simple. Saudi Arabia It has an endless budget to serve talent.Caliber name cristiano ronaldo, Benzema and Neymar They rushed into the transfer market and immigrated to middle East, a place filled with eccentricities and dreams of the ultimate date. Is that enough for you?

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