Saving left-handers: August 13 is their day. Do you know who is the best in bed?

All year round they juggle house and office layouts designed for the convenience of those who use their right hand as dominant.

OUR lefty they “tolerate” doors, kitchens, sinks, computer mice, keyboards, and tables, in many cases right-handed, and hundreds of times a day they writhe using tools (among the most sophisticated can openers and scissors) backwards in relation to their perspective ( like guitars). In a restaurant, you always have to turn over the cutlery.

But August 13 this is their day of atonement. This international day was officially established by the London club Lefthanders International in 1992 and originates from the left-handers’ anniversary in 1973.

The international day was officially established by the London club Lefthanders International in 1992. The image reads: “I’m left-handed, what’s your superpower?

With the aim of trying to overcome a set of prejudices and celebrate a feature that (thankfully) is no longer considered a defect that needs to be corrected, as in the past, and which today affects about 10% of the world’s population. An army of people with traits of genius and intelligence, sometimes unusual.

Many prominent left-handers are examples of this, including three presidents of the United States (Barack Obama, Bill Clinton, and father of George W. Bush), a Nobel Prize winner in physics (Albert Einstein), and the greatest genius of all time: Leonardo da Vinci. .

“Salvation” of left-handers

Their “coming out” was remarkable: in 1860, only 2% of the population preferred to use their left hand. The percentage rose to 4% in 1920 and then reached about 10% currently. According to science, left-handers have no shortage of traits, positive and negative. I more creative and smart.

According to a study in the journal Science in 2001, they remember events better because their brain hemispheres are more closely connected. According to a 2017 study of 2,314 Italian students, they are better at math, especially problem solving, than simple arithmetic.

Leonardo da Vinci was left handed

According to a study by St. Lawrence University in New York, among all people with an important IQ, that is, superintelligent people, there are more left-handers than the general population. Alan Salerman, author of the study, says that left-handed people have more fluid intelligence and that these people have more propensity to solve problems.

That’s why the lefty Napoleon Bonaparte he is considered one of the greatest military strategists in history. Also Albert Einstein he was left-handed, but wrote with his right hand, being forced to fixas was the custom at the time.

Pros and … disadvantages

Left-handers speak better, and according to a US study, they will also earn higher average wages in more prominent positions in companies. Also, according to another 2017 study, they also have an advantage in interactive sports like ping pong or baseball that require reaction. Otherwise, boxing and martial arts can also be perfect.

From a health point of view, if, according to research, left-handed women, especially during menopause, may be more at risk of developing breast cancerand if at all, someone who uses the left as a dominant hand may have more sleep disturbances and behavioral disturbances like schizophrenia, this results in both increased protection against arthritis, ulcers, and an advantage in stroke recovery.

From Leonardo to Einstein: Outstanding Lefties

There are many famous left-handers in various fields from Leonardo da Vinci former US President Barack Obama Microsoft founder Bill Gates. As well as Facebook CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, Charlie Chaplin, Marie Curie and Lady Gaga. And again: Gigi Riva, Johan Cruyff and John McEnroe down to Ayrton Senna and motorcyclist Valentino Rossi.

And among athletes how not to mention Diego Armando Maradonawho transformed the much reviled left hand, identified as “The Devil”, into “mano de Dios”, the hand of God. And again: “Prophet of Purpose” Johan Cruyff, strong with right and left foot, John McEnroe, a lefty with a talent that delighted the tennis world.

Barack Obama also uses his left hand as dominant.

For music, the Nobel Prize in Literature Bob Dylan, The Beatles bassist Paul McCartney, guitarist Jimi Hendrix, with an unforgettable left hand touch, and more, given that he also played guitar with his teeth and a microphone stand.

And if among the left-handed painters were Michelangelo, Picasso, Raphael and Van Gogh, then it should be assumed that the theory according to which the right hemisphere of the brain is more developed (which controls the left hand) favors the perception of three-dimensionality, creativity and, therefore, an artistic streak.

Centuries of prejudice… in all languages ​​of the world

They were haunted for centuries and prejudice against them has not completely disappeared, because even today everyday objects are not meant for left-handed people. Etymology the word itself does not lead us to view the predominant use of the left hand in a positive light.

Suffice it to say that Treccani’s dictionary makes it clear that in a figurative sense, the term “left-handed” is used to denote an unjust and insidious act performed in a cunning and unpredictable way. In relation to people, it is used to refer to someone as treacherous and dishonest. And that’s not all, the term comes from the Latin “mancus”, a synonym for “crippled” and “crippled”.

In French we use ‘qu’il est gauche‘ to say ‘how clumsy’. in Spanish ‘I’m not stupid‘ means “don’t be left-handed”, but also “be smart”. In Greek, to say “left-handed”, we use “skaios”, the meaning of which also means “unfavorable”. In German, the two terms for left-handedness also refer to a clumsy person.

Finally, there were scientists who even claimed that left-handedness is a hereditary disease, almost like a disease. The left hand continued to be calleddevil’s hand‘, and teachers in past years began to tie it behind the back to force the student to write with his right hand.

Lefties in bed, perfect lovers

Research shows lefties are smarter and more creative

It is clear that lefties are very smart people. But it does not hurt that she is also on their side. beauty. This is evidenced by the fact that Angelina Jolie, Julia Roberts, Nicole Kidman, Jennifer Lawrence (to name but a few) are left-handed.

And if that wasn’t enough, there’s another aspect that makes them shine even more: the fact that lefties great lovers in bed. More skillful, emotional and creative than righties. Well, yes, they are eager to have fun and entertain their partner, and, apparently, they quite succeed in this.

This was shown by a Swedish survey, extended to many countries, which speaks for itself: those who use the left turned out to be very satisfied and attentive to their own and others’ intimate well-being in 71% of cases. Why? According to one of the most popular hypotheses, this quality depends on the fact that in the womb, left-handed people were exposed to higher levels of testosterone.

And so, under the pretext of attention and various compliments to the sweet pink or sexy black polish of the ladies, it’s not bad to find out whether the girl on duty writes with her right or left hand. In the latter case, it is simply necessary to invite them.

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