Scholz with an eye bandaged after a fall causes memes: social networks are unleashed. He teased him about the German Chancellor

“In addition to the damage, this is a mockery. I look forward to memes,” he wrote on the page X Olaf Scholz in the first tweet immediately after the accident that happened to him while jogging. And the reaction of social networks followed immediately, also because the photo, which depicts the German chancellor, easily succumbed to irony: a black patch over his right eye and a sly grin made Scholz an ideal target for teasing. The German chancellor has not posted anything on social media for two days, having returned from an injury while jogging last Saturday when he fell and received a bruise on his face. Due to the accident, Scholz was also forced to cancel some meetings on his agenda, but the secretariat of the Socialist Party of Germany assures that at least the G20 summit in India on September 9 and 10, Scholz will be present.

Scholz as Jack Sparrow

Ordinary users, as well as newspapers such as la ZDF extensionGerman public television shows the chancellor as an unlikely pirate. There are those who dare to compare with Jack Sparrow, the protagonist of the saga of Pirates of the Caribbean performed by Johnny Depp in the iconic scene of one of the films. In another post, he is the pirate from the cartoon’s opening theme song. sponge Bob Square Pants. One user introduces him as Nick Fury, a world character. Marvel. On the other hand, there are those who always portray him not as a politician, but as a candidate for the Pirate Party.

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