Scottie Pippen breaks Michael Jordan and company’s unspoken rule against Larsa Pippen and doesn’t get hate from rapper

Chicago Bulls legend Scottie Pippen is making headlines for violating his ex-wife Larsa Pippen’s unwritten team rules. Apparently, the two have been divorced for many years. In an interview with DJ Vlad, Pippen’s close friend and former teammate John Salley revealed that the former couple once had the same plans, highlighting the oddity and Pippen’s past pursuit of his ex-wife How deep. However, famous comedian and rapper Aries Spears understands Pippen’s behavior.

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While this is not a strict rule, it is generally considered unusual for players to travel with their spouses or partners.timeThe situation was surprising, but Spears took a different stance and defended Scottie’s actions. In a recent interview with DJ Vlad, Spears said she believed Scottie’s decision stemmed from his deep love for his ex-wife. “timeThat must have been when he was in love. “


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Sally previously said: “YesHe was always on the road, always going somewhere with them. “She needs rigorous validation up close.” Scotty and Larsa tied the knot in 1997, and according to many accounts, they couldn’t live apart. This was a far cry from the couple’s divorce more than two decades later.

Larsa Pippen’s three words reveal a hint of regret as the sacrifice of Michael Jordan’s son slowly becomes a reality

However, Spears wasn’t done defending Scotty just yet. He also brought the six-time champion into the conversation when he was asked what he thought of Larsa Pippen’s bold statement about her sex life with Marcus.

Aries Spears defends Scottie Pippen amid Larsa Pippen’s bold statement


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The mother-of-four made headlines last year when she revealed intimate details about her sex life with ex-husband Scotty during a Real Housewives of Miami reunion. She claimed they were intimate four times a night during their relationship. However, Larsa said the number has increased with her current boyfriend Marcus Jordan, who also happens to be the son of Scottie’s former teammate Michael Jordan.

in an episode Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohenthe RHOM actress shared, “I’m also probably having sex with the love of my life five times a night.” Marcus agreed with his girlfriend, adding: “I’m very competitive, so I like to be prepared.” However, Spears isn’t convinced.

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I’ve already said how this comment upset the six-time champion. “timeThis is the richest, most trivial TV show I’ve ever seen. “ I’ve added, “The fact that she would even mention that she was having sex with this kid five times a day was really irritating to Pippen.


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‘It’s not going to work for Scottie (Pippen)’: Three-time NBA champion warns Michael Jordan’s son after Larsa Pippen’s sexual behavior revealed

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