Scottie Pippen, who never played golf with Michael Jordan, once claimed he could beat Jordan

Michael Jordan once bought a set of golf clubs for Scottie Pippen. However, despite their competitiveness and incredible success with the Chicago Bulls, Pippen and Jordan never played golf together. With Jordan and Pippen no longer speaking, any hope of the two former stars hitting the green together has long been dashed.

However, that didn’t stop Pippen from attacking Jordan. In a 2021 interview with, the former Bulls forward claimed he could beat Jordan at golf.

“It’s all true,” Pippen said. “Luckily for him, I injured my back my rookie year. I would beat him on the golf course, too. But we never played a round of golf together.”

In the interview, Pippen also claimed that he had two “holes in one” in his golf career.

“Yeah, I actually have two on my resume. The first one didn’t even hit the green. I hit the side of the bunker and it bounced up and started rolling and fell right into the hole.”

Jordan has been an avid golfer since his prime with the Bulls, however, the superstar may not have had a “hole in one” on his resume, at least aside from his role in the movie Space Jam One shot away.

Scottie Pippen previously revealed the pain of his feud with Michael Jordan

Scottie Pippen revealed in his 2021 book Unguarded that his broken relationship with Michael Jordan “hurt.” Together, the two have shared some of the best moments in NBA history and achieved success on a global scale. Off the field, however, things have deteriorated and show no signs of improving.

“I’m not usually bothered by our lack of intimacy,” Pippen wrote. “I have a lot of friends. Yet sometimes, when I think about the relationships I want the two of us to have, going to the doctor is definitely one of them, and it’s painful.”

“It hurts. I’m by no means an innocent guy here. I missed some openings that could have made a difference and I have to live with that.”

Still, basketball fans hope Pippen and Jordan can one day put their differences aside. The duo was instrumental in the NBA’s growth into a global brand and remain two of the most beloved figures in basketball.

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