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Exit to the sea it doesn’t end here. And not “only” because there are fourth season (As of February 2024 Rai Due AND Paradise Play), musical and film. In fact, the phenomenon extends far beyond the show, thanks to the success of its parents. actors. From James Georgehe is Ciro, right down to the “gypsy” Valentina Romani pets sea ​​outlet became the most sought-after persons on the square. In the coming months, we will see them in many television and film productions. Here’s where, how and when we’ll see each of them.

Giacomo Giorgio, Ciro on the seashore

His Ciro has never left since then. Exit to the sea. Despite the events of the first season (we will not spoil, in favor of the three Martians who still have not watched all 36 episodes in a row), Ciro remains alive in the minds of the main characters Exit to the sea. For better and (mostly) for worse, it’s part of their lives, as evidenced by several flashbacks. And the fans love it. In view of the fourth season, there were already those who even hoped for his miraculous return, later refuted by him. James George. However, we will find the actor in three more super productions. The first will be released in the fall and is another teen drama: We are legend. Giacomo will play one of the boys in this fantasy story, which features a group of teenagers “with huge problems and huge power” as the main characters. So it says in the official synopsis published by Ray. After that, in October, the turn of the real crime will come. For Elisa – the Klaps affair: in the center is the famous disappearance of Eliza. Here Giorgio plays Luciano Claps and his older brother Gildo Claps has a face Gianmarco Saurino. However, the real explosion will come next year when Giacomo Giorgio appears as a new member in no less than the third season of the series in February. Doc. Therefore, we will most likely see him in a white coat. Not only. Ours will also be in the cinema, in the third chapter Diabolic. Finally, these days it is also a testament to the road safety social campaign launched this summer.

Valentina Romani, Over in the Sea Out

She started out as “famous” from sea ​​outlet because he has already succeeded red door. Now she has become “even more famous” than sea ​​outlet. Valentina Romani is in fact in great demand: there is no time even to say goodbye to the fans of Mare Fuori (except for the third season, which was the last for her character), which already towered over the Cannes Film Festival, in the film sun of the future author and with Nanni Moretti. We’ll also see her teaming up with Giacomo Giorgio (see above) in a fantasy teen drama this fall. We are legendairing in October on Rai Due and RaiPlay. And that’s not all, because the actress is filming in two more dramas: bardo AND Jerry. The first, planned for the fall Channel 5, is a biopic dedicated to the legendary Brigitte Bardot, played here by newcomer Julia de Nunez. Romani will be Peggy. After that, in 2024, the turn of a detective story will come. Jerry: Inspired by the novels of Georgia Lepore (E/O Editions), the protagonist is a Neapolitan inspector of gypsy origin.

Nicolas Maupas, Philip at Sea

With his Filippo O’Chiatillo, he conquered everyone. Casting managers especially: as soon as he set foot on IPM (anno domini 2020), the doors of various film sets opened wide for him. From summer films, it moved to platforms (Under the Amalfi sun) to the Netflix Christmas comedy, i hate christmasbut also talked about homosexual love in a teen drama Professor Rai Uno and later lost on the high seas in fiction Survivors. We will soon see him again in a fantasy teen drama. We are legend (where he will be next to Valentina Romani again!) and in the second season ProfessorIn November Rai Uno, as the gay son of Alessandro Gassman. However, in the movies, he will be next to none other than di Virgin Cassel (yes, daughter of Monica Bellucci and Vincente Cassel) in the movie beautiful summersoon in the room. The story is inspired by the novel of the same name by Cesare Pavese.

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Maupas in a scene from the movie “We are Legends”

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Matteo Paolillo, Edoardo in Mare, out of the game

He is Edo. But also (or perhaps above all?) the author of the most celebrated refrain of the time, namely: “This is the sea, this is the tide.” In fact, Paolillo wrote the famous theme song for sea, as well as songs Black blood AND Origami at dawnperformed by Cardiotrap in fiction. Therefore, his career immediately began to decline and continued. After Sea outside 3was a guest along with the entire cast on Sanremo Music Festival 2023, then he toured all the big concerts of the spring-summer season: Primo Maggio in Rome, then Love Mi in Milan, as well as Battiti Live in Gallipoli. He also released his first album, Comets, and, like all self-respecting stars, he is already urban legend. We are talking about his (imaginary? real?) rivalry with Clara Succhini: according to well-informed people, he and the translator sea ​​outlet they will sincerely avoid each other. Even behind the scenes of concerts. Among other things, both sing Origami at dawn, albeit with two different sounds.

Domenico Cuomo, Cardio Trap at Mare Out

His songs are remembered Exit to the sea, as well as a harrowing love story with Gemma. Missing a happy ending broke our hearts: she left the IPM, and he stayed there. But it was also the best lesson about what love really is: to love another without owning them. However, this fall, Cuomo will be released from prison: not from prison sea ​​outlet but from prison Professor. In the first season, the actor appeared as Mimmo, a former student of Dante (Alessandro Gasmann) ended up in a juvenile prison. Well, in the second season, arriving at Rai Uno in November, he will be promoted to a permanent player: Dante manages to entrust him to Leonardo da Vinci’s school library in semi-free mode. How much do you bet that he and Simone will become friends? When it comes to movies, Cuomo is the protagonist Mimi – prince of darkness: a decidedly dark love story, director Brando De Sica. Cosimo plays an orphan boy with deformed legs who falls in love with a girl convinced that she is descended from Dracula. The film will be screened out of competition at the 76th Locarno Film Festival (August 2-12).

Massimiliano Caiazzo, Carmine on the seashore

Obviously, Massimiliano Caiazzo he, too, could only be in great demand. his Carmen, Pecuroit is actually the soul of Mare Fuori. He conquered us all, episode after episode, first with his struggle with the system, then with the excruciating pain of losing Nina, and finally, in the third season, with his Shakespearean passion for Rosa Ricci. Three storylines, three breathtaking journeys. Consequently, even his diary is now very full. In fact, we will see it in movies and on TV. On the big screen (where he has already brought the film “Slowly”) there will be a film Me you novel inspired You me From Erri DeLuca. However, on television, he will again try his hand at the world of teen drama in the series Anderbois For Disney+. The film will also be set in Naples, but unlike the iconic “Paradise”, it will have a fantasy and more light-hearted outline (it won’t take long, given the obviously dark version of the film). sea ​​outlet…). In fact, the story revolves around popular Neapolitan legends. Also in the cast Serena Rossi and singer Nino D’Angelo.

Maria Esposito, Rosa Ricci on the seashore

AND Picchirilla (little girl) at home: The latest to arrive at IPM (she’s a new member of the third season) a couple of episodes are enough to capture the whole scene. In fact, his cheeky Rosa Ricci breaks the screen thanks to a tormented love relationship with Carmine (the last document…). Ours was then hired for a musical where she would reprise the role of Ricci, exploring her from a different perspective. Together with her in the cast will also be Enrico Tigiani, Antonio Orefice, Giuseppe Pirozzi and Antonio D’Achino Dobermann, Toto, Micharella and Milos interpreters respectively.

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