Sebastián Moya Rhinoplasty combines experience and cutting-edge technology to improve patients’ quality of life

Valencia. Rhinoplasty is one of the most common cosmetic surgical interventions in Spain. Nearly 20,000 Spaniards decide to undergo this surgery every year. In fact, rhinoplasty has replaced traditional breast augmentation at the top of the list of most popular procedures, according to the Spanish Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (AECEP). However, as with any surgery, you must place yourself in the hands of a dedicated and experienced professional to obtain good results and avoid complications.

In Valencia one of the most famous professionals is Sebastian MoyaIts clinic is located in the city center and has modern, comfortable facilities that reflect its philosophy: “It is crucial to understand each patient’s reasons and motivations, to understand their expectations and to provide them with the desired results. We must tailor the The specific features require tailoring surgery that harmonizes the patient’s aesthetics based on their facial features and differential features without abandoning their preference for nose appearance and shape.”

This personalization is one of the unique values ​​of Sebastián Moya Clinic. In addition to this, he has over twenty years of rhinoplasty experience and career. Sebastián Moya, a medical graduate from the University of Valencia, is an otolaryngologist and received his residency training at the Otolaryngology Department of the University Clinical Hospital of Valencia, “where he has become one of the best in last year’s competitive examinations. internal students of the college.” his degree. “

He first completed his MIR training at the rhinology department of Hospital Sant Croix de Sant Paolo in Barcelona, ​​“where the most prestigious rhinologists in the country are located”, and later at the Royal Hospital. The rhinology department at the National Throat, Nose and Ear Hospital in London is assisted by Professor Valerie Lund, one of Europe’s leading rhinologists. Little by little, Sebastián Moya directed his professional future towards a major that “was very demanding but gave me a lot of satisfaction.” Currently, he works at Sebastián Moya Rhinoplasty clinic carries out professional activities and performs surgeries at Casa de Salud de València Hospital.

A professional activity with two areas: aesthetics and functionality. In both cases, the goal is the same: to improve the patient’s quality of life. “Because I practice a variety of sports, such as long-distance triathlons Mr Hierro, asphalt and mountain marathons, road and mountain biking, swimming, fencing, skiing, climbing or Pilates, I realized the importance of good nasal breathing without forgetting the aesthetic part of the nose. ” Therefore, on an aesthetic level, Sebastian Moya strives to create a nose that is in harmony with the patient’s features and brings out the best in the patient’s face. On a functional level, rhinoplasty can address some Pathological and health complications such as sinusitis, nasal polyps, rhinitis, nasal congestion, trauma or sleep problems, etc.

National and international recognition

In addition, as he himself never tires of repeating, “The focus on excellent results forces me to be constantly trained in order to provide the best service to my patients.” Therefore, he attended many national and international courses, focusing on the treatment of the nose Functional and cosmetic surgery, as well as aesthetic medicine and facial plastic surgery. For example, in December 2021, he completed an IBCFPRS-approved training program for the face, eyelids, nose, head and neck and became internationally certified as a facial plastic surgeon by the European Society of Facial Plastic Surgery.

We must add that the International Commission on Accreditation in Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery “decided to give me the opportunity to be part of a select group of professionals from around the world who work in the field of facial plastic surgery with a high level of quality standards.” ” All this earned him national and international recognition and participation as a visiting professor in various national and international conferences on rhinoplasty and facial plastic surgery.

Technology avant-garde innovation

This renewal of knowledge allowed Sebastian Moya to use the most avant-garde and innovative techniques in his new clinic. For example, ultrasonic rhinoplasty is based on ultrasonic technology and uses high-precision saws and files to cut and reshape the nasal bones, ensuring higher safety and more precise results, as well as faster and more worry-free postoperative results.

He has also expanded the cosmetic treatments offered at his clinic, such as labiaplasty, blepharoplasty, loboplasty, otoplasty or blepharoplasty, among others. The same standards apply to all of them: rigorous, honest and personalized treatment. “Here we analyze each case in detail, listen to patients, address their concerns and advise them on the possibilities before and after intervention in an honest and realistic way in order to build a trusting relationship because, coupled with experience, this is key to the success of any intervention.”

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