Second day of the Outsiders Festival 23

Saturday, September 16 belongingOutsider Festival 23 will take place in Martina Franca.

Beginning with 18:00by appointment at XX September Squareit will start a poetic historical journey through the alleys of an ancient village. The organization is entrusted Martina Frank Book Presidium and coordinated by its president Rose Maria Messiah (teacher and journalist). Martin poets will also take part in it. Cinzia Castellana, Paschina Filomena, Benvenuto Messiah, Aldo Perrone, Pina Cirulli, Cinzia Santoro which will alternate during a historical walk through the village. Participants will be guided Nico Blasi director of the group “Humanism of Stone”.

The day will end at CisterninoV Kolbe PM Centerin the Pico region, where the actor, poet and musician was born. Giuseppe Semeraro and Leone Marco Bartolo they will perform at Musical and poetic reading by name”Breathable material»

Creators and artistic directors of the festival Adele Nacci and Dario Lacitignola (director and actor).

Information and contacts by numbers +39 3475986360 (Dario) and +41 792719097 (Adele)

The program may undergo changes for reasons beyond the control of the organizers.

In case of bad weather:
– from the historic center of Martina Franca inside the Palazzo Ducale
– from the Kolbe Center to the city laboratory Jan-Net Cisternino


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