Second man to receive pig heart transplant dies

The second patient in the world to receive treatment transplant The US medical center that performed the surgery announced that a genetically modified pig’s heart had died six weeks after the procedure, a year and a half after the first patient died.

Lawrence Faucette, 58, deemed unfit to attend human heart transplant Because he suffered from advanced heart disease, transplant of Heart of pig A statement from the University of Maryland on Tuesday said it was “the only option.”

“We mourn the passing of Fawcett, an exceptional patient, scientist, Navy veteran and family man who simply wanted to spend more time with his wife, children and family,” said the surgeon who performed the surgery.

Although the graft initially appeared to be effective, the patient began to show signs of rejection in recent days, the University of Maryland said. In January 2022, the agency has carried out its first transplant of a world pig heart Genetically modify humans.

he transplant There is great hope that this type of xenotransplantation from animals to humans could make up for the shortage of organ donations. Currently, more than 100,000 Americans are waiting for a transplant.

These xenografts represent a real challenge because the recipient’s immune system tends to attack the foreign organ. To reduce this risk, pig organs are genetically modified.

For many people, pig They are ideal organ donors due to their large size, rapid growth rate and large number of offspring.Recently had a kidney transplant pig Genetically modifying brain-dead patients.

The NYU Langone Hospital Transplant Institute announced in September that a pig kidney transplanted into a brain-dead patient had achieved a record 61 days of function.

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