Selena Gomez reveals why she wants to follow Dua Lipa on Instagram

Selena Gomez explains why she removed her double lip on Instagram. The singer began to calmly return when, apparently, her friends were far from someone.

The “Love You Like a Love Song” singer was teased about a month later, with netizens noticing that she unfollowed her friend and co-star Dua Lipa on Instagram, sparking controversy over the real reason behind the decision.

“It was an accident! I was clearing out part of my Instagram. Then someone called me and I asked, “What happened to Dua?!”I also told the actress about this in an interview with People magazine.

Selena also welcomed the good moment because it wasn’t in a place she’s been vocal about herself. ray with mental healthI’m turning on bipolar diagnosis which was first shared with his fans in 2020.

Selena Gomez,

“I think I decided turning 30 was a good time for me. I’m 31 now and I really feel it. As much as I want, I value the games I have the most. And I don’t necessarily feel like there’s anything stopping me,” I say. Selena Gomez.

“Because I am honest with the world, I am honest with my friend, I have attracted attention and only I want to be the best version of myself“, he admitted.

Just for your mental health, Internet users believed that Selena had this middle ground with her friend Dua Lipa. when you stop following her on Instagram; However, I continued to realize that Gomez was dealing with a magnificent mistake.

Messi gives Selena Gomez a T-shirt

One of the main characteristics Leo Messi beyond the song one must look in solidarity. He made important donations to sanatoriums and hospitals and, among other things, played a leading role in campaigns against disease.

In this opportunity, collaborated with Rare Impact Fund Benefit, Selena Gomez’s charitable foundation. who cares about mental health.

This was the captain of Inter Miami he gave the artist a shirt with the signature of the Argentine selection for the main role and restore the lows.

Moreover, there were rumors in the United States that Messi would attend the first gala concert of the Rare Impact Fund on October 4, but nothing was confirmed.

The singer burned red for her reaction to jugaad stars

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