Selena Gomez, the selfie makes the like record. Here is the “rebirth” of the pop star

Rivers of likes and comments for Selena Gomez who returned to social media with a selfies which has enchanted the over 400 million users who have been following it with admiration for years. There singerstar of Disney Channelhas been struggling against the for some years now lupus, a autoimmune disease which forced her to undergo a kidney transplant and which led to a drastic change physical, several times highlighted by the haters who target her with unpleasant comments.

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Selena Gomez without makeup on Instagram: «The queen of queens». Rival dig?

Selena Gomez without makeup on Instagram: “Love yourself as you are”. Rain of likes and positive comments

Last November 4, it became available on the Apple TV streaming platform, the documentary by Selena Gomez: “My Mind & Me”, which tells the battle of the singer against the illness. The young woman said that the drugs to be taken to keep her disease under control led her to gain weight and because of this many people began to attack her on her web, accusing her of being got fatregardless of his serious health problems.

Recently, tired of receiving constant negative comments about physicistthe pop star has confessed that during the periods in which he takes the drugs he retains a lot of liquids, for this reason he appears more ‘swollen‘ compared to the past. A revelation, however, that does not serve to justify the comments of the keyboard lions who continue to bodysham the artist.

Fan comments

The singer – who today is highlighted in the gossip pages for the alleged relationship born with the former member of One Direction, Zayn Malik – shared a snap that definitely set the web on fire. La Gomez, always champion of body positivity, has no problem showing off without a trace of makeup, but this time she decided to capture the attention of her followers with a more fiery shot: fiery red lipstick and a t-shirt that highlights the shapes of her busty. “You are always beautiful, but now you seem reborn,” wrote a fan among her comments.

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