Semaglutide, what is the injection for weight loss that is raging among VIPs (and not only)

There sting from the “thinness” which is depopulating in the United Statesit’s a injectable drug which would allow you to lose weight without the user following a precise diet. There medicine obviously it was not born with the aim of making people lose weight, it was instead developed to cure the type 2 diabetes. The celebrity they influencers they go crazy for this “magic” composition that can take the pounds off them without making the slightest effort.

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The drug

The drug takes the name of semaglutide and was patented by the Danish pharmaceutical company Novo Nordisk, is administered by subcutaneous injections into the abdominal fat and is an agonist of the glp-1 receptor, a hormone produced by the intestine that stimulates insulin secretion. It was designed to counter the type 2 diabetes but the bet that has recently been teasing the scientific community is that medicine can also help fight the wave of obesity which, according to an estimate, in 2035 will affect one inhabitant out of two on our planet. In addition to being increasingly named by scientists, the semaglutide appears increasingly also on the mouths of celebrity so much so that a neologism was coined: “semaglutide face” which would mean the thinness excessive and too fast of those who use this injection.

Celebrities who would use it

In 2022, semaglutide was the 129th most prescribed drug in the United States United States and the celebrity they go crazy for it. Elon Musk does not hide, indeed the CEO of Tesla he has boasted on several occasions of making use of the sting. Another familiar face of the showbiz who could make use of it is Khloe Kardashian which, however, he always denied.

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