Senasa takes immediate steps to contain bird flu outbreak

The National Agricultural Health Service (Senasa) immediately initiated a control program after a positive case of highly pathogenic influenza A H5 was detected in a commercial farm in the Pacanguilla district of Chipón department in the La Libertad region.

“The top priority is to control the situation and prevent the spread of the disease. We are working with all parties involved to implement strict measures to reduce risks and protect the country’s poultry health,” said Miguel Quevedo, head of Senasa.

In this case, the affected birds are disposed of and buried, and all birds on the farm are sacrificed. In accordance with the protocol, epidemiological surveillance is implemented in the area surrounding the focus of the farm and backyard farms.

Senasa recommends that keepers protect birds in roofed, fenced spaces, install footbaths (shoe sanitizers) at the entrance to the fence, ensure water and food are out of reach of wild birds, and clean fences daily, before and after feeding Avoid contact with backyard birds by washing your hands before entering the enclosure to feed or after caring for birds.

In addition, it urges backyard bird keepers, fighting cocks and poultry producers to work with Senasa to address any suspicion of the disease and to immediately notify the death of a poultry at phone number: 946 922 469 or email: reporta.peru @

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