Seniors in Alvaro Obregon receive pneumonia vaccine

Given that respiratory illnesses are more frequent at the beginning of winter, especially among the elderly, Mayor Alvaro Obregon said: Leah Lemonlead Seniors Expo “Harmony against Pneumonia”, where people were vaccinated against the disease and other activities were carried out.

In the presence of representatives from Pfizer and Sport City Alliance companies, the mayor recalled that, according to reports from National Institute of Public Healthpneumonia is one of the five leading causes of hospitalization among older adults.

Therefore, he said, the purpose of the fair is to help prevent pneumonia through vaccination: “We believe that preventive health is not an expense but one of the best investments that can be made in the health of our people: especially for Girls and boys, but also for seniors.”

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Thanks to Constanza Losada, President and Director of Pfizer Mexico for their support; Arturo Budar, Communications Manager Pfizer Mexicoand Lía Limón, CEO of the City of Sports, Luis Miguel Rodríguez, underlined that together they demonstrate that the coordination of government and private initiatives continues to advance the promotion of women’s rights One of the best options. .

At the same time, he emphasized the cooperation of health jurisdictions to work together to carry out this vaccination campaign, “because when health becomes a priority, it must be taken seriously.”

The mayor recalled the actions taken during her administration on behalf of the elderly, stressing that they have banded together and done their part so that “in Alvaro Obregon we have the opportunity to care for those who have been with us for many years” The health of those who have been taking action.” Take care of us and the people we have to take care of now, our seniors.”

Pfizer’s Constanza Lozada said the expo was part of her commitment to educating seniors about care.

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Likewise, Luis Miguel Rodríguez, CEO of Sport City, assures: “ physical activities It is also a tool that helps prevent and manage disease as it benefits both physical and mental health. “It is important for older adults to emphasize muscle strength training and functional balance to maintain a healthy life.”

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