September 2nd big party at the Circus Maximus with Max Pezzali.

Max Pezzali return to sing in Rome. The former 883 frontman will perform for the first time in his creative life at the Grand Capitol Circus. At least 60/70 thousand people are expected to attend the event, and this is one of the live performances that is likely to be the biggest ever for the Milanese singer. The date of the Roman tour will be Saturday 2023, when the long-awaited show from the Eternal City will take place.

Concert by Max Pezzali at the Circus Maximus

Not only Max Pezzali and others. Big Circus, in the coming weeks. In Rome, we will see a new wave of great artists performing for the Roman public. The concert of the singer Elodie, highly anticipated by pop music fans: the artist plays at home, a large number of spectators are expected to attend his new show in the capital.

Max Pezzali calls other big names on stage with him

If Madonna has asked Britney Spears to join her on tour together, even the great Italian artists do not miss the opportunity of an amazing collaboration for their very important live performances. In the case of Max Pezzali, there was a surprise. After Travis Scott invited Kanye West to perform at the Circus Maximus, the former 883 thought about inviting great artists who have collaborated with him in the past: Article 31 AND Paula and Claire. Will Mauro Repetto be there too?

Max Pezzali in concert

Repertoire of 883 people for the Circus Maximus.

At an event at the Circus Maximus, Max Pezzali wants to take his fans back in time. The artist promised a repertoire from 883to pay tribute to the city that actually adopted it for several years now. Together with him, in addition to the artists mentioned above, the personalities of Lazza and Sangiovanni, two young singers who have been at the top of the record charts for some time now, could appear in duets. The event promises a full house, as is the case with gyms.

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