Sequel to Uncharted? Is there a chance?

In an interview with the producer Charles Roven, who has a long career making big-budget projects like Christopher Nolan films and DCEU films. He also produced Uncharted, starring actor Tom Holland as treasure hunter Nathan Drake. During the interview, Rowen was asked a question. If he’s interested in a sequel to Uncharted given the film’s box office performance during the pandemic.

Rowen’s response leaves room for hope: “Oh yes! We really liked this movie. The fans liked it, and people who didn’t know anything about the game liked it too. So we definitely want to do another one.”

continuation of Uncharted

Uncharted film and franchise branding

Released in 2022, Uncharted is directed by Zombieland and Venom, Ruben Fleischer. Similar to adventure games from developers playful puppy, the film follows the adventurer Nathan Drake, a descendant of Sir Francis Drake. It tells a largely original story about Drake searching for lost treasure from Ferdinand Magellan’s famous world tour. However, some action parts of the film are taken from games such as Uncharted 2 and Uncharted 4. For example, the famous fight scene from the third game about a cargo ship that fell out of an airplane.

Despite the fact that the film was released during a lean period for cinemas due to the pandemic, the film $407 million at the box office with rather mixed reviews. Uncharted is currently available to stream on Netflix, and you can find our review at this link.

The Uncharted franchise dates back to 2007 when the adventure game came out. Uncharted: Drake’s Luck went out to PlayStation 3. There are currently four core games in the series, although there are also several spin-offs and add-ons. Each game follows Drake as he searches for treasure and fights bad guys just like other heroes like Indiana Jones.

While the original games were created and written Amy Hennigsubsequent games were hosted by the current co-president of Naughty Dog, Neil Druckmann. Finally there is Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collectionreleased for PlayStation 5 in 2022. Naughty Dog says the franchise is at an impasse at the moment.

The Last of Us Continues, Uncharted Sequel Not Guaranteed

There is no official announcement about the sequel to the Uncharted movie yet. While another major Naughty Dog adaptation, Last of us, It gets better. A second season of the Emmy-nominated HBO show is currently in development, again with a showrunner. Craig Mazin. Who, among other things, said that he intends to adapt the second part of The Last of Us in several seasons. The release date for The Last of Us Season 2 is currently unknown., since there is still a WGA strike.


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