Serena Williams and Halep irony

Simonei Halep’s former manager Cosmin Hodor will be invited to participate in the broadcast of the Aşa-i tennis match with Irina Fetecău şi, watch A presentation by director Serenei Williams, an American con artist who aimed to satirize the jucătoa region of Romania.

Serena Williams had sex with Simona Halep

As of September 12, the International Tennis Integrity Agency has announced its verdict in Simon Halep’s doping case: he will suspend the 2022 US Open. Romance’s suspension was temporary in October 2022, leaving him with a lot of uproar. pedeapsa primită.

Serena Williams delivered this verdict in public: “8 este o cifră mai buna”. First, Serena Williams’ Wimbledon score was achieved at the end of 2019. Trebui will be suspended during prime time in the Rome area.

Cosmin Adore criticizes Serena Williams for spreading her work.

“Păi, you made a comment about Serena…Da, you can imagine the wonderful performance at Wimbledon in 2013. This phenomenon has penetrated the United States, where it has become a phenomenon. If you are in The Grand Slam has won the honor, please give the punishment of Trebaei. Please pay attention to the moare de Grija Altuia. Păi,ce o interesează peea în America…La dat Simona terenul în cap àn 48 minutes. Sigur că şi -ar dori, că îşi revendică titlul ăla… dar să nu uităm că a fost pe nicăieri în Finala aia! In Serenei, all boobs are fake, se foloseşte de lucrile astea. Treba spent in the United States A great time, he spent with his friends. It’s a great time to have fun with friends. Hey, get serious! In the case of political correctness in the United States, We will leave the United States.

In Romania, no one was watching Simeone perform. “ Cosmin Hodor is a tennis player.

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