Serena Williams’ childhood coach gives shocking ‘next level’ conclusion as she digs deeper into 42-year-old’s abilities

Tennis legends are known for their on-court performances, achievements and victories, and they are built through hard work, dedication and professional guidance. Coaches play a greater role in developing players and pushing them to where they desire to be. One such recognized face is Serena Williams’ childhood coach Rick March, who is known throughout the world for his exceptional coaching and motivational skills.

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Improving player morale is one of the qualities of a great coach, and Rick March did it! Under his guidance and support, legendary player Serena Williams found herself at the top of the tennis world. In a recent tweet, the 68-year-old coach surprised fans by emphasizing Serena’s fundamental qualities.

Rick March highlights Serena Williams’ GOAT qualities


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Serena Williams, an enduring name in tennis, was built the hard way. Her childhood coach Rick Macci played a very critical role on the road of millions of obstacles. His guidance and motivation enabled Serena to visualize her dreams and set goals that she later achieved. Even after the tennis legend retired, Rick didn’t seem to lose sight of the qualities that made her a star.

In a recent tweet, the 68-year-old coach talked about the qualities that make Serena the Greatest of All Time (GOAT).I mentioned pointing out specific qualities”, “Goats can sprint at speeds of 15 mph or more. Goats have excellent speed agility and speed in general. The goat’s gaze is very intense and piercing. Goats will seek higher ground when attacked. ”

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He demonstrated the difference between a casual admirer and a professional coach, and references to the legendary tennis giant’s specific qualities captured the attention of not only fans, but players as well.

While the coach provided insight into Serena’s intricacies of skill, it wasn’t much different from her own motivational approach. His previous analysis of different athletes raised similar considerations.

Motivational words from Rick Macci and analysis from Carlos Alcaraz


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As Serena Williams’ childhood coach, Rick Macci goes beyond expressing appreciation and guidance to his mentee. In a recent tweet, he also made a similar analysis of Spaniard Carlos Alcaraz.The coach referred to the young player’s qualities in a unique way, such as his “The ability to improvise disguises”is undoubtedly a point of interest for tennis lovers.

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As the 68-year-old continues to provide guidance and support on and off the pitch, his appreciation from fans and players continues to grow. Through his analysis and appreciation of his athletes, he provides a great example of what a coach should do.

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