Serena Williams’ childhood reveals Roger Federer’s ‘uncanny element’ as he snubs Swiss master Rafael Nadal’s ferocious weapon

In the tennis debate about who is the best player on the men’s tour, Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal are two big names who often get the spotlight. This makes perfect sense considering the remarkable legacies that ATP legends have built during their respective journeys on the court.

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The Spaniard has won 22 singles Grand Slam titles, while his former Swiss teammate had 20 major victories before retiring last season. Although the 37-year-old may have the upper hand in this regard, the real opponent is Federer. “leader” Serena Williams’ former coach Rick March said the ability to hit the ball on the field.

Serena Williams’ former coach praises Roger Federer while Rafael Nadal takes a backseat


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The legendary American coach is quite active on Twitter when it comes to sharing his thoughts on the on-court style and approach of some of his top players. This time, it was ATP legends and old rivals Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal who caught the attention of Rick March.

In comparing two tennis icons, USA PTA national coach discusses “The best forehand ever” in the court. I tweeted, “The best forehand of all time is close to Rafa’s but @rogerfederer is the leader of the hitting club as his incredible element of getting the ball so early in the rise gives you a wink-bye surprise. Tennis is a game of timing.”

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While some of the best players were defeated by Nadal’s ferocious forehand, it was Federer’s ball-making ability that captured March’s heart. On top of that, the Spaniard suffered another brutal snub of late, while his Swiss counterpart has risen to the top with his forehand skills.

Nadal left out of ‘dream’ list of ATP superstars


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Grigor Dimitrov was recently asked about his dream tennis player who would combine elements of other different ATP stars. In his honest answer, the Bulgarian tennis star singled out Novak Djokovic and Nick Kyrgios based on their respective playing styles and skills. The names of some big names like Kyrgios. Even Swiss maestro Roger Federer is on his list of players, as he often delights the crowd with his brilliant forehand skills.

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Nadal, on the other hand, is not on the list, which comes as a huge surprise to everyone as they thought his signature forehand topspin should put him alongside other elite players.


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