Serena Williams’ daughter Olympia finds new ‘bodyguard’ during shopping and lunch date with dad Alexis Ohanian

The husband of former world number one tennis star Serena Williams recently shared an adorable moment with daughter Olympia. Williams’ husband, Alexis Ohanian, is a loving father. From cooking on tacos with Olympia on Tuesday to making pancakes for his princess, Ohanian certainly sets an amazing example of a great father.

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Alexis Ohanian has been publicly praising her daughter Olympia’s talent on social media. It shows the amazing relationship between father and daughter. Ohanian’s recent post about Olympia gave fans another glimpse into the father’s love for his daughter.

Serena Williams’ husband becomes daughter Olympia’s ‘bodyguard’


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Alexis Ohanian recently shared a photo on his official X (formerly Twitter) where fans saw little Olympia entering the lobby of a shopping mall with a giant shopping bag. Sharing the photo, Ohanian wrote: “This is my life now. Bodyguard/Shopping Assistant/Forever Lunch Date. I like it. “I just try to stay on coffee.”

After Ohanian shared the photo on social media, people were flooded with adorable reactions. Ohanian’s fatherly duties certainly pleased fans as they witnessed yet another beautiful moment between the two.

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As fans know by now, Ohanian is very frequent on social media. However, the way he expresses his love for Olympia is very touching. Olympia’s love for shopping, on the other hand, reminds fans that the little girl is ready to follow in the footsteps of her stylish mom, Serena Williams.

However, this isn’t the first time Ohanian has expressed his love for his daughter. Previously, the Reddit co-founder also expressed how Olympia inspired him to invest in women’s football.


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Alexis Ohanian reveals Olympia was his inspiration to invest in Angel City FC

Ohanian previously tweeted about his reasons for investing in Angel City Football Club, saying – “Jr had no idea she was the owner of @weareangelcity (let alone the youngest in professional sports). Little did she know that she was the reason I was inspired to start/buy a women’s professional sports club. “I want her to have a little more time as a kid.”

Fans previously heard Olympia say in a video – ““She wanted to be a football player.” Ohanian acknowledged his children’s love for happy fans. They discovered that despite Ohanian’s busy schedule, he always made his daughter happy.


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Alexis Ohanian’s latest post about Olympia is a reminder that a father is the best thing that can happen to his daughter. Ohanian prioritizes his daughter’s little wishes, and he’s sure to make sure Olympia gets the princess treatment she deserves. What are your thoughts on this?

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