Serena Williams delivers five-word ode to Venus Williams, sisterhood worth $250 million

In the world of fashion and beauty, some incredible things are happening. There’s a startup called Parfait, run by a group of amazing African-American sisters who are doing some compelling things. They don’t just make wigs; they use smart computers and facial recognition technology to create special wigs designed just for their customers.

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This is not just another entrepreneurial success story. It’s a story that intertwines the worlds of technology, fashion and empowerment under the watchful eye of tennis icon Serena Williams.

Parfait’s journey with artificial intelligence wigs and the support of Serena Williams


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Parfait made a splash by being the first company to use artificial intelligence and facial recognition technology to create custom wigs. This means you can have a wig that perfectly suits your style. An interesting fact about Parfait is that the company received financial backing last year from Serena Ventures, the venture capital firm of Serena Williams.

In addition, a number of well-known venture capital companies such as Ulu Ventures, Unshackled Ventures, Contrary Capital, Visible Hands, and TRUE Capital’s cultural fund, as well as celebrities such as Omar Johnson, Chamillionaire, Tristan Walker, and Upland Workshop, also supported this exciting project.

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Recently, Serena Williams posted a story on Instagram about the company, which is also based on siblings, like Venus Williams and Serena Williams Just like his brilliant tennis career. The text of the story is written like this: “Sisters of love do amazing things.”


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Led by a dynamic team of African-American women, these innovative entrepreneurs have secured a whopping $5 million in funding to revolutionize the way we make and wear wigs. In addition to making wigs, Parfait is on a mission to make beauty available to everyone. The new funding will help Parfait produce more wigs and expand into new markets in the U.S. and around the world. They want to ensure that women of all backgrounds have a beauty experience that suits their hair goals.

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In a world where beauty, technology and diversity come together, Parfait is a leader. Backed by Serena Ventures and a group of visionary investors, the sisters are on a mission to transform the wig industry and make beauty standards more inclusive for everyone. As technology meets beauty, Parfait’s success shows us how amazing things can happen when innovation and inclusivity go hand in hand.

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