Serena Williams’ former coach warns Rafa Nadal ahead of his return: ‘If they see you’re vulnerable…’

Although Rafael Nadal There is no official announcement yet on when he will return to the tennis court, but it looks like he will be ready. Australian Open. So in just over a month, people will be able to see him again. The world of tennis is already waiting for you.

Because everyone is talking about possible returns.The last one to do this was Rick March, former coach of Serena WilliamsIn an interview with Tennis 365, he issued a warning to the Balearic tennis player.

“As for Rafa coming back, as you get older you lose a little bit of mobility, When people know you are vulnerable, they are less afraid…“He said.

“There’s not much difference between the players at the top and the players at the next level, it’s a completely different story when they know they have a chance. Can happen even on clayMarch said.

According to the former coach, there is a difference between the Rafa before and the Rafa now. Such is the fear of opponents: “Rafa has a record of 112 wins and 3 losses in competition. Roland Garros Before the game was over, before the game started, people knew they weren’t going to beat them…” But now that could change.

Of course, Machi “wish Rafa all the best”, although he doesn’t think he has what it takes to win an important match: “I wish Rafa all the best, but he’s not quite at the same level as he was before, so “I don’t think he’s a serious contender to win a Grand Slam.”

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