Serena Williams imparts her quirky wisdom to daughter Olympia, 6, in an unexpected place

With 23 Grand Slam singles titles, Serena Williams has established herself as one of the GOATs of tennis on the women’s tour. The American tennis legend has mesmerized fans as he showcased his exceptional on-court skills throughout his illustrious competitive career. But now, the 42-year-old sports icon has put down his racket and is working diligently on his career off the field.

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The “Queen of the Court” recently sang a classic song to her children, showing off her potential singing talent. While eagerly following her newfound interest in singing, Williams also decided to teach her young daughter Olympia a throwback song in an unexpected location.

Serena Williams shares special mother-daughter music time with Olympia


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Since retiring, the former tennis ace rarely misses providing an update on his daily off-court activities. Even her recent mother-daughter meeting wasn’t hidden from public footage on social media. Serena Williams was seen in a car with her daughter Olympia as they jammed to the retro song “Car Wash” by American soul and R&B band Rose Royce.

While singing the chorus of the song, “At the car wash, yes, yes…” The 23-time Grand Slam singles champion hopes her daughter can repeat the same thing. Recently, the fan page “venusxserena” exposed a video clip of mother and daughter singing and added the title: “𝐤”

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While the former U.S. tennis player was trying to teach Olympia the old-fashioned track, her daughter was busy eating her food. As a result, Olympia had to face the wrath of her tennis star mother, who was heard saying: ““You can’t eat while we’re trying to sing.” Just like Serena, her husband Alexis Ohanian also passed on a skill to their daughter.

Olympia learned the art of baking from her father

The American internet entrepreneur is diligently following the Sunday tradition of baking dad pancakes. Alexis Ohanian learned this from his dad, and now he’s doing his best to pass on his artistic baking skills to his little ones. The internet mogul often has Olympia by his side during his pancake sessions, as he recently took pancakes to the “next level” for his daughter.


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While sharing a video clip of his latest culinary creation, Ohanian talked about how there’s always “opportunity for improvement.” I tweeted, “Sunday means pancakes for dad 🥞, a tradition I made every Sunday my entire childhood. I gotta take Olympia to the next level with a squeeze bottle. 😤 There’s always room for improvement.”

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