Serena Williams impersonation inspires Kevin Hart to consider career change amid hysterical ‘Desert Smash’ nostalgia

2015 marked an unforgettable moment in Serena Williams’ career as she returned to Indian Wells. Although the tennis star hasn’t competed on tour since 2001, fans were excited upon hearing the news of her return. Apart from attending Indian Wells, the legend also played an important role in Kevin Hart as she instilled in him a passion for batting.

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Back in 2015, the annual Desert Smash event was Jumanji actor. The celebrity lit up the court with his performance as he picked out a tennis racquet under Serena’s distant guidance. how? Trying to imitate the queen of the palace!

Hart, who enjoyed the event alongside famous tennis stars and Justin Bieber, took to social media to express his feelings about the experience. “I had a great time at the Desert Smash charity tennis event. Look at me trying to do my best Serena Williams impression. “I think next year I’ll go pro…. .” Kevin wrote in his social media post, which also showed a video of him competing in Desert Smash.


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The Desert Smash is held every year before the Indian Wells game. In addition to its core goal of supporting social causes, the event also features tennis players and famous celebrities to entertain fans. When he invited Kevin Hart to join the project in 2015, the famed actor brought his talent for humor and action to the court under the direction of Serena Williams perfect combination.

This unforgettable event not only marked an amazing collaboration between the tennis legend and comedian, but also wrote an unforgettable chapter in the Desert Smash story that continues to bring people together Together, for a noble cause.

Charlize Theron is getting her sports fix this year


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The exciting story of the annual Desert Smash continues, this year celebrating its 20th anniversary, hosted by none other than Charlize Theron.The actress is known for her jaw-dropping moves in famous movies Mad Max: Fury Road and Extremely cold citywill step onto the tennis court this year.


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While Theron will compete in the event, she will be supported by top ATP and WTA stars, including Victoria Azarenka, Casper Rudd, Stan Wawrinka, Nick Kyrgios and more. These actions will add new moments to the story and the fun for tennis fans is about to begin!

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