Serena Williams receives contract to publish two books; tennis players must keep a memory book

serena williamsAt the age of 42, he will share his life memories with the public! A tennis player recently signed a two-book deal with publisher Penguin Random House. In one word, one of the greatest names in world women’s tennis and one you must remember with fond memories. The second book is intended to be an “inspirational” work that will lead to life-changing experiences based on Serena’s philanthropic experiences.

The memoir was supposed to bring together the story of Serena Williams’ childhood, including her experiences in and outside the square. Published today in The Guardian, the book will also delve into difficult stories from Williams’ career, such as the attacks she faced in a predominantly white and male sport, and It will be shown how she suffered a “devastating loss internally and externally”. “The Square.” Além disso, this book will tell the story of her husband Alexis Ohanian.

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Another theme that must be discussed in the book is Serena’s reflections on respecting the body. In her memoir, she got to “celebrate body diversity and expand the limits of athletic styles in pop culture” and talk about disparities in maternal health, noting that she contracted the disease after giving birth to her first child in September 2018. Had pulmonary embolism.

The second star book “will tell her life story based on her experience as a philanthropist and advocate, and as a long-term activist committed to uplifting a diverse and emerging generation of young women whose aspirations extend beyond the palace.”

News of the release of the tennis player’s reminiscences comes on the heels of a movement by celebrities including Jada Pinkett Smith, Kerry Washington and Michelle Obama who have shared with the public details about their personal and professional lives private information.

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