Serena Williams reveals baby Adira’s nursery, daughter Olympia gets sassy

Published: August 30, 2023 1:29 pm PDT

serena williams Showing off her home and newly designed nursery for her new baby, Adira!

The tennis superstar shared a video on YouTube over the weekend showing the before-and-afters of her daughter’s new nursery, which was once Olympia’s playroom. This fun video features 5-year-old Olympia, who has some strong opinions about home improvement projects.

“A little bit of history about this room, this actually used to be Olympia’s room. It had a blue carpet and was like a playroom for her,” Williams said as Olympia stood in the doorway with her arms outstretched. “I was kicked out of a better place,” Williams joked.

In the video, which was filmed before Williams gave birth to Adira, the tennis pro shows off the blank nursery before unboxing wall decals to decorate the space.

Olympia, who turned six in early September, made no secret of her rudeness, pulling toys out of boxes on the floor and even grabbing a roll of wall decals from Williams and placing them on her bed.

“Ma’am, could you please?” Williams asked her daughter as she walked out of her former playroom. “Where’s your mom? Your mom needs to come pick you up,” Williams joked. “Oh, she’s lucky, we were lucky to film her.”

“I’m just kidding,” Williams said with a laugh. “She’s so funny.”

In the video, Williams goes on to show off the finished nursery’s final look, which she says was inspired by a trip to the Netherlands. The ornate space features light gray walls and deep red accents. Adira’s crib features a royal gold crown, and hot air balloons hang from the ceiling of the room.

Williams and her husband, Alexis Ohanian, Announcing the birth of second daughterAdira R. Ohanian, August 22.

Prior to the announcement, Williams ‘Stepping back’ from her professional tennis career By Posted in Fashion, She shared that while she’s not “officially retired” yet, she’s taking time to focus on her family.

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