“Serena Williams says she embraced every negative thing she experienced and built her career on channeling anger and rage”

Iga Swiatek and Serena Williams are two of the mentally toughest players to step onto the court in the modern tennis era, characterized not only by relentless court pressure; 24×7 review of off-site social media.

The impact of what people say online is so great that even Grand Slam final acceptance speeches – reading from Coco Gauff – now center on them.

Talking about the same, Iga Swiatek’s mental coach Daria Abramowicz spoke to National News about using negative feedback to motivate a person Ambition.

Abramovich specifically noted a quote from Serena Williams in her Vogue article about building a career through anger, highlighting the importance of turning negative emotions into something positive sex.

“I really like this quote from an article Serena Williams wrote in Vogue last year before she ended her career,” Abramovich said.

“She said she took every negative thing that happened, and every negative thing she heard or experienced, and she built her career on channeling the resulting rage and anger and turning it into something positive. based on stuff,” she added.

“It’s a little harder to gain motivation from hate because it’s irrational, and it’s easier to reframe the criticism” – Iga Swiatek, mental coach on using criticism as motivation to improve

Serena Williams at the 2020 Women’s ASB Classic.

Daria Abramowicz calls Serena Williams a ‘great role model’ who has been looking to improve her game for much of her career Teamed up with Iga Swiatek, she reiterates the importance of finding positivity even in the most negative of things.

“I think it’s a good example of finding things to improve on and finding the positives in the negatives,” Abramovich said. “But that’s not common for everyone.”

Returning to the topic of online hate, Abramovich said this should not be a motivator for players, as such strong emotions can cloud a person’s judgment and make it difficult for them to think logically.

“But it’s really hard to use logic when the emotions hit us so hard, when we feel unfair, when we feel like something isn’t right,” says mental coach Iga Switaek. “So, in the face of hate, we work completely differently. With hate, we try to refocus, and refocusing is a technique and strategy that we use a lot.”

“Refocus on resources, refocus on strengths, refocus on things that we can control,” she added. “So it’s a little bit harder to gain momentum from hate because it’s irrational, and it’s a little easier to reframe criticism.”

Earlier this year, Iga Swiatek became the first player since Williams to play 100 Tour matches as the reigning world number one.

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