Serena Williams’ stepmother is $13,000 short of loan payments to save crumbling home, judge’s shocking ruling

Serena Williams’ stepmother has once again been allowed to stay in bankruptcy court to keep the tennis champ’s childhood home she allegedly stole from her estranged husband, “King Richard.”

Former stripper Lakeisha Williams is $13,000 behind on her repayment plan after a judge ordered her to repay more than $620,000 worth of debt to keep her four-bedroom home in Palm Beach, Florida.

Serena Williams’ stepmother LaKisha regains bankruptcy court protection after allegedly stealing a home from athlete’s fatherImage source: Instagram/keisha.dylan.williams
The former stripper is accused of forging Richard’s signature on the title deed to a $1.4 million home in Palm Beach, FloridaImage source: John Chappell, “American Sun”

LaKeisha repeatedly delayed repaying her debt to her “hard lender” David Simon. She allegedly forged a signature on the deed to Richard’s $1.4 million Florida home so David Simon loaned her $279,000.

Court documents say she spent the money on a failed trucking business and on “fast food and frivolity.”

Since then, Lakeisha has failed to meet her repayment plan, which included hefty interest and legal fees.

The American Sun revealed in August that over the past 17 months, Lakeisha had repaid $171,486, which was still $13,197 less than planned.

Her lawyer, Elias Dsouza, argued that it was an honest mistake and that Rakeisha was not aware of the shortage.

“The debtor is a single mother who drives a semi-truck to make a living,” he said.

“It is fair to say that she was not one of the most sophisticated debtors and that she relied on others to inform her of planned payments, to her detriment.”

Dsouza asked the U.S. Bankruptcy Court to add the shortfall to his five-year plan, which would have required payments of $9,161 for 18 months, then $13,308 for one month, and $12,731 for each month. Next 41 months.

Judge Mindy Mora agreed to the modification but warned Lakeisha she would lose her house if she didn’t follow the plan.

“If the modified plan does not provide for payment to a secured creditor, that creditor will be granted in rem relief to pursue available state court remedies against any property of the debtor that secures the secured creditor’s claim,” Mora’s order said. measure.”

It goes on to say: “If the debtor fails to make timely payment of any plan payment to the trustee, the trustee may serve a ‘notice of delinquency’ on the debtor and the debtor’s attorney. The debtor shall serve on the trustee within 45 days of the date of the ‘notice of delinquency’ ‘Notice of Delinquency.'” A notice of delinquency to pay all payments due under the modified plan, including any payments due within 45 days.

‌”A debtor seeking to address delinquency in a subsequent modified plan must file a motion to modify a confirmed plan within 15 days of the date of the ‘Notice of Delinquency.’ If the debtor has not made its scheduled payments by the 45th day after the date of the ‘Notice of Delinquency,’ The trustee may file and serve a report of noncompliance and the case will be dismissed without further notice or hearing.

“The courts will not extend these deadlines except in exceptional circumstances.”

Just a month ago, Richard filed an affidavit in Palm Beach Family Court stating that he wanted to move forward with divorce proceedings that had dragged on for six years.

Although it looks like Lakeisha wants them to stay together.

In May, she posted two photos on Instagram showing them posing arm-in-arm with their 11-year-old son, Dylan, on a holiday drive together.

Richard and Lakeisha met at a club in Miami where she was a dancer.

Richard is now 81, almost twice as old as his 44-year-old estranged wife.

Richard rarely posts on social media, but earlier this month the legendary tennis coach sparked a flurry of activity when he posted photos and videos of himself and Dylan.

Richard appeared to be a monk in the post.

The octogenarian, who has developed dementia after two strokes, lives in a house owned by Serena.

Richard and his son Chavoita Lesane, who has power of attorney from his father, gave an exclusive interview to The American Sun earlier this year.

The two claim LaKesha’s fraud also included cashing Richard’s Social Security checks and stealing his car.

In court, she admitted selling one of Richard’s Bluebird RVs because he allegedly failed to leave food for her and Dylan.

“I don’t remember how long the relationship lasted, but my dad started having financial problems, like, ‘What’s going on with my Social Security check?'” Chavoita said.

“Lakeisha took the Mercedes, she took the bus, she took the money and what else? The motorcycle.

“She stole a lot of things or forged documents for him. This is considered elder abuse.

“We just put it all together and it’s a lot. The whole situation is frustrating.”

Lakeisha has yet to meet her court-enforced $620,000 repayment plan on Serena’s childhood home, which was set at $13,000Image source: SWNS
Richard now lives in a property owned by his daughter Serena, a legendary tennis proImage source: Getty
Earlier this year, Lakeisha posted a photo of herself spending time with Richard and their 11-year-old son, DylanImage source: Instagram
The former stripper also posted a photo of herself standing arm-in-arm with RichardImage source: Instagram
Richard also recently posted a photo of Dylan on his Facebook profilePhoto credit: Facebook / Richard Williams

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