Sergio Canales starts showing his best tricks with Rayados

Wednesday, September 6, 2023

arriveseems to be cantabrian monterey. striped beat Chivas And ended the four-game losing streak between the two teams MX League and League Cupbut it has a codename: Sergio Canales.

Albiazur signs betis The Spaniard has been criticized by locals and strangers alike for his previous performances blue cross and Tolucahe was blamed for his underperformance, as well as his performance on the scoreboard.

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Before you arrive on campus, your DT Fernando Ortiz and the sports president himself Jose Antonio Noriega They declare they need a No. 10, a football player who can combine offense with double pivots, and who can be a reference player at the front of the box, at least before the team Veliko Panovich.

he tends to part ways with teammates Jody Cortisso (more with him) and Maximilian MesaThe Spaniard worked with them through the various areas to pass the ball, while dropping from the wing into the diagonal area, as he did for his first goal of the game, to receive the ball Rogelio Funes Mori in front of.


It’s not the best game though channel Statistically, since he conceded 12 balls and almost all individual duels (2/9), he did what people were asked to do, reflected directly on the scoreboard, plus his unnatural feet in the game Law and responsibility from the team. eleven Another stride to tackle a recent thorny issue in Albiazouler.

FotografĂ­a: Mexsport

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