Serious chaos at Manchester United and controversy over the star after some time

This has been seen since the recent outbreak of one of the most important scandals surrounding Manchester United, and now the future of Manchester United once it was known that the footballer will play again Mason Greenwoodfor this even cristiano ronaldo and Nike On their day, it became a form issue at Old Trafford, basically because his return looked complicated and there were several teams chasing his price tag.

LaLiga EA Sports, the most popular destination

this Romehe chelsea Now Valencia waves real society They appear to have the ability to attract English players who are playing on loan in England this season. Getafe. In fact, the latter two are favored by Greenwood, who loves Spain and Hispanic games. That’s why things are starting to feel uncomfortable to watch from a distance for a United that already has so many other problems.

Return seems almost impossible

The problem for United is twofold, as this player is starting to perform at a very high level due to the qualities he possesses, and time is of the essence: he has a contract with United. red devil until 2025. As a result, interest from Real Sociedad and Valencia was met with suspicion at Old Trafford, partly because they were clubs unable to pay a big fee for him. There are voices within the Red Devils advocating for ending this terrible chapter of the past and restoring it to the cause, but public opinion has put too much pressure on the club to allow them to risk doing so. In other words, the only solution is to sell it, but to whom and for how much?

His suitors are growing and they know that the Bradford player (22) has a complicated past, which could cause problems and would certainly affect the price altogether, which United believe will come down. although, Greenwood has shone at Getafe and is well-received in La Liga, with both teams interested in him and hoping to sort out his future as soon as possible. The soap opera is going to be intense since CR7 and Nike dropped the player.

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