#SERIOUSLY, guns blazing with Zoe Saldana and Tim Roth

#SERIERE is back, a serious series, the 15th edition of CinecittàNews, dedicated to the best TV series of our time.

The warmer months haven’t stopped platforms from coming up with new games to add to their schedules, with a focus on high-quality actors and rich stories. An exception is made for the giants Disney+, Netflix and Prime Video, which prefer to focus on already proven products, with long-awaited new seasons of some cult series.

After success Yellowstone, Tye Sheridan returns with a new original series, available on Paramount+, Special Operation: Lioness. An ambitious project, as evidenced by the large Hollywood cast. They are the main characters Zoe Saldanastar Avatars And him Guardians of the GalaxyAND Leisla DeOliveira, who play two undercover spies tasked with dismantling a terrorist cell. Actors like it Nicole Kidman AND Morgan Freeman they add even more prestige to a spy thriller whose strength lies in its good characterization of female characters, wisely written by an author like Sheridan who favors simple psychological exploration of his protagonists, both strong and fragile. time of action.

Let’s move to the other side of the world, to Australia, for a drama series based on the best-selling book John Ibrahim. Here the main person, of course, is the face Tim Rothas the boss of Sydney’s King’s Cross district who comes into conflict with the two main characters John (Lincoln Younes) and Sam (Claude Jabbour), two Lebanese brothers trying to infiltrate Australian organized crime. Final boss of King’s Cross This is, of course, not a product that sparkles with originality, but it will definitely appeal to fans of gangster stories in which the ambitions of criminals run parallel to the most vulgar violence.

Futurama – Disney+

For the first time in this section we mention a series with a very large circulation. Although formal Futurama has reached its eleventh season, in fact the one that has just been released on Disney+ can only be considered as a completely new product. A hugely popular animated series for adults, created by the author of The Simpsons. Matt Groening, returns with a reboot that picks up the story left off 10 years ago, taking us back to the year 3000 with Fry, Leela, Bender and the reckless Planet Express crew. Thanks to his over-the-top humor, extravagant creativity and, above all, his amazing ability to excite, Futurama is being revived to the delight of its historical fans and others.

The Witcher – Netflix

Here we are also faced with a series of far from first-class, but The Witcher couldn’t be missing from this list because of the influence it has on the pop imagination and the importance it has in Netflix’s schedule thanks to its ability to offer a pure fantasy story focused primarily on action and high-quality special effects. The second part of the third season arrives with a huge burden of anticipation, also because we will see it for the last time. Henry Cavill as the iconic Geralt of Rivia, who will now be played by Liam Hemsworth.

The British series returns to Prime Video, having fallen in love with millions of viewers already in the first season. Main credit for success Good Omens it is the presence of two actors with brilliant talent such as Michael Sheen and David Tennantagain as the angel Aziraphale and the devil Crowley, here struggling to hide the oblivious archangel Gabriel, played by the Emmy and Golden Globe winner. Jon Hamm. Feather of the Fantasy Master Neil Gaiman manages to completely renew the narrative dynamics of the series, without forgetting the humorous brilliance that has always distinguished it.

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