SES decides whether to extend special vaccination campaign against flu and coronavirus

The Extremadura Health Service (SES) will decide on the morning of Friday, January 19, whether to extend the special vaccination campaign against influenza and COVID-19, after 5,434 doses have been administered since last Thursday.

This was the point made by the Minister of Health and Social Services, Sara García Espada, in an interview with Canal Extremadura Televisión, in which she said, This Friday morning they will meet to “evaluate the need to vaccinate without an appointment until the end of the vaccination campaign” because, in his opinion, the extraordinary vaccination in the afternoon “was a success”.

For this reason, it is being considered to expand it “probably not as it is now, but if necessary we will clarify the way to implement it,” said García Espada, who said they are “looking at ways” to do it in the future Implement it during the vaccination drive instead of waiting until the last month of the campaign,” he said.

García Espada would like to thank the professionals for their work “that make this campaign possible”, which will allow vaccinations in the afternoon without an appointment, and also thank all Extremadou people who came to receive the vaccine Pull people.

475 patients have been admitted

According to the latest data, the number of acute respiratory infection cases per 100,000 inhabitants in Extremadura has exceeded 800, a situation the Ministry of Health remains “expected” because “we don’t know what will happen next week, but we There is an obligation to prepare all our beds, our professionals, for whatever may happen.”

García Espada noted that admission rates in Extremadura are higher than the national average, but noted that the number of Extremadura patients admitted to hospitals in the region has decreased, with 475 currently A patient was hospitalized and he wished him a “speedy recovery.”

In this sense, the head of the health department insists that “revenues are falling” but in any case the Ministry of Health has planned “additional beds and staff in all hospitals”, after which she said that “to date, surgical operations in any of them None of the center’s activities have to be suspended” and there are free beds in all hospital centres.

Medical center masks

On the other hand, regarding the decision of the Ministry of Health to implement the mandatory use of masks in health centers and hospitals, the Minister of Health of Extremadura believes that this decision “goes beyond personal opinion” and is based “on data”.

In this sense, he argued that “all communities cannot be treated to the same standard” because they have different rates of acute respiratory infections, since in his opinion “recommendations or requirements must be based on the circumstances of the community” and considered the need ” Escalation and De-escalation Measures”.

García Espada noted that the document they received from the Ministry of Health regarding the mandatory wearing of masks contained “many technical inaccuracies” and, in fact, argued that Extremadura “due to the fact that it has Decline for two weeks in a row”, may have accepted that it was not “mandatory”, but they complied with the mandatory mask requirement anyway.

“When we have a two-week decline in the situation, we will evaluate whether we decide to maintain this obligation or recommend it, because it depends on the judgment of the relevant authorities,” said the Minister of Health of Extremadura. In any case, he Hoping to convey a “calm” message. and tranquility” to the people of Extremadura because they will be able to “take care of everything within their power.”

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