sexual harassment and body shaming in a toxic work environment –

The pursuit sexy backgroundreligious and racial, fat-shaming, discrimination: these are some of the accusations, including more generally the charge of creating very toxic work environmentacts against the American pop star Lizzo from three former dancers her corps de ballet for events that were to take place between 2021 and 2023. The complaints are already serious in themselves, but even more discouraging in light of what Lizzo has represented in recent years, body positivity champion and self-acceptance, which has always prided itself on its extra-large forms.

beginlegal action against you against his production company Big Grrrl Big Touring, Inc and against the captain of his dance troupe were in Los Angeles Ariana Davis, Crystal Williams and Noelle Rodriguez, three former dancers who worked with Lizzo (née Melissa Vivian Jefferson, 35) on her international tours. While the type of compensation the accusers are seeking is unknown, the singer and her staff have yet to make any statements.

However, the American media have provided very long and detailed accounts on this occasion: among the allegations, one of the dancers claims that she was forced to touch the chest of a naked performer during a performance. evening at the red light club Amsterdam, while another says she received comments on her weight gainabout her lack of effort and then being fired.

The dancers also allege that staff made “racial and fatphobic” comments during the tours and that Shirlin Quigleyat the head of the corps de ballet, Lizzo, an ardent Catholic, “seized every opportunity to proselytize“. Davis and Williams were fired between April and May: Williams, in particular, just days after speaking out against Lizzo’s accusations that the dancers had a drink before the show.

Another episode cited in the lawsuit refers to a new audition of dancers that led to grueling” 12-hour trial: If Lizzo wasn’t happy with their performances, we read, she would have fired them. Davis says she was so afraid of losing her job that she didn’t have the courage to go to the bathroom and ended up urinating.

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