Shaggy wolf bob: Cara Delevingne’s new haircut

Cara Delevingne has officially welcomed spring by giving us a nice cut. But not just any but the beloved and timeless bob.

The model said goodbye to her lengths, precisely those gathered a few weeks ago in a romantic chignon on the night of the Oscars, and always those worked into a Rapunzel-style braid for the shoot Vanity Fair USA. Thing of the past.

The famous star of the catwalks has now joined the large group of bob addictedleaving that Ryan Richmanhair stylist of the stars based in Los Angeles, sculpted a very gritty wavy bob on his head, perhaps the hair essence of spring-summer that has now begun.

No scaling. In their place, even, clean lengths, with a central line to underline the symmetry, and all enlivened by flat, defined waves, which highlight its golden lightening even more. To intensify this flash of spring freshness, the eyes make-up took care of it, a coral cloud, en pendant with the blazer, perfect for enhancing her light blue irises. A nice masterstroke that of the make-up artist Diana Buzzetta.

A look that of Cara Delevingne who, needless to say, brought home a real shower of hearts and approving comments. After all, how can you disagree. The bob, despite new cuts, shapes and geometries, has resisted undisturbed for years, declining in the most varied versions – one of the last slobs, also appreciated by Olympia of Greece – and continuing to please and conquer with its gritty, elegant, cheeky and timeless allure.

For the undecided, here are some star inspirations.

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