Shakira and her passion for surfing: here are her workouts in Miami

The dazzling smile of Shakira, who flies to Miami and dedicates herself to surfing to recover from her breakup with Gerard Pique. Here is his super active program

new life for Shakira what after there breakup with ex-partner, footballer Gerard Piqué, left Barcelona with two children and moved to Miami, where the maternal family lives. In fact, it was here that he decided restore life: next to your loved ones and in the ocean waves.

Shakira and surfing

“If there are no waves, they arise.” It was these words that appeared under the video published a couple of days ago on the site Shakira’s Instagram page. In the video, we see how the singer confidently dominates the waves for one wakeboarding session. This isn’t the first time the star has been seen battling the waves and surf that has now become an integral part of her life. And it is with surf that Shakira decided to heal her wounds after breaking up with ex-boyfriend Gerard Pique. Judging by the smile, this “medicine” works very well.


Despite her special love for dance, which ranges from modern to zumba and belly dancing, the singer does not mind doing many other sports: surfing, wakeboarding, yoga, basketball, skateboarding, running, tennis and long walks. Shakira is a great athlete who loves to train regularly.So much so that you practice different workouts every day. Under the guidance of her personal trainer, she strives to stay in shape through intense physical activity, a healthy diet, and avoiding sugar and dairy products. and limiting mobile phone use, at least until the end of it fitness morning routine.

multifaceted woman

She sings, speaks 5 languages, writes, dances, performs and surfs.. What more can we ask for?” This is a comment from a subscriber who praises everyone Shakira’s innate qualities, who has demonstrated her many abilities several times in her career and has juggled in various situations without any hesitation. A resourceful womantherefore, which inspires millions of people all over the world and which, of course, will not allow relationships to deteriorate, will stop them, but which will continue looking for the best wave to ride.

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