Shakira and the revenge song: «It has become a hymn for women»

Guest of Jimmy Fallon’s Late Night, the Colombian pop star told why the song became so popular and that she understood that her song was “a healthy way to channel my emotions”

dto the betrayal and the pain of the separation she was reborn with a song that is depopulating and which has brought her back to the top of the world charts. Until today Shakira she had let her songs do the talking for her. But after the success of Music Session Vol. 53made with the Argentinian manufacturer Bizarrapthe Colombian pop star has decided to open up definitively and to speak without hesitation about the end of marriage with Gerard Piqué. First an interview on a Mexican television channel, then a guest on Late Night by Jimmy Fallon on the American Nbc

Shakira from Jimmy Fallon tells about divorce. And the famous song

In the latter circumstance, Shakira sang her latest hit along with a group of rabid fans. And in Fallon’s studio, in the company of Bizarrap, she let herself go to little conciliatory statements regarding her ex-husband and her current partner, Clara Chia Marti: «This song has become something of an anthem for all women. I lived hard years after separation and writing this song was really important, it was a healthy way to channel my emotions»

And she added: «After its publication I understood that I had not only fans, but a sisterhood of women who have lived what I have lived, who think what I think, who feel what I feel, who have had to endure so many str…e like I had toso I wrote this song for myself but also for many other women who needed someone to represent them»

17 world records

A song that has led Shakira to hold 17 world recordsincluding Most Streamed Latin Song on Spotify in 24 Hours (14,393,324), Most Watched Latin Song on YouTube in 24 Hours (63,000,000), Fastest Latin Song to Reach 100 Million Views on YouTube. In short, not all evils have a silver lining


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