Shakira at the airport among the Dolce&Gabbana roses

Shakira airport jacket hat Dolce Gabbana bag Balenciaga shoes R13

There are women who, when their heart is broken, lock themselves in the house to cry alone and there are others who show themselves more splendid than ever. Shakira undoubtedly belongs to this second group and, after the end of the marriage with Gerard Pique, has never ceased to be seen in public always feisty and smiling. The paparazzi surprised her at the Barcelona airport, leaving for New York, wearing an eye-catching red rose quilt that anticipates spring.

The travel look

Shakira airport jacket hat Dolce Gabbana bag Balenciaga shoes R13 1
The look is casual yet luxurious

Shakira all dressed in flowers smiles at the flashes that surprise her at the Barcelona airport on her way to New York. Hand in hand with her are the two children Milan (9 years old) and Sasha (7), enjoy the attentions given to mom. For the trip, the singer chose a comfortable but effective outfit, with ripped black jeans and a down jacket Dolce&Gabbana with red roses pattern (2250 euros) combined with the cap (450 euros). The bucket bag completes the outfit Balenciaga (725 euros) and shoes R13 (1,200 euros).

The break with Gerard Pique

Until last summer, Shakira she was married to Gerard Pique and theirs seemed like one of those fairy-tale loves. The appearance behind the reality, however, was different: for years the former footballer had been in a clandestine relationship with Clara Chia Marti and when the pop star found out everything fell apart. “You replaced one Ferrari with a Twingoa rolex for a Casio“, she sang in hers revenge song which has been talked about for weeks, complete with memes on social media and provocative responses from the person concerned. However, he seems very serene and it also seems that with his new flame he is ready to go to the altar.

Moving to the USA

Shakira airport jacket hat Dolce Gabbana bag Balenciaga shoes R13
Shakira smiles at the airport

For the love of Gerard Pique, Shakira she had moved to Spain but now would like to move permanently to Miami. Her family lived in a megavilla in Barcelona a stone’s throw from that of her mother-in-law, with whom the pop star seems to be on bad terms. It is also said that her children have stopped calling their father’s parents grandparents, and the distance is now unbridgeable.
Surely it’s not an easy time for the pop star, but in front of the flashes of the paparazzi a pair of dark sunglasses and a sparkling smile are enough. And her affection from her children, who follow her everywhere.

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