Shakira is afraid of Pique: an extreme gesture to avoid the worst

Shakira’s fans were shocked to learn that the singer had to do something to avoid retribution from Pique.

Although more than a year has passed since the breakup, Shakira and Pique’s relationship has been kept to a minimum for now. The Colombian singer and former Barcelona defender only stays in touch for the sake of his children Milan and Sasha, who are ten and eight years old respectively. As you know, Shakira put an end to relations with a former partner. after discovering Piqué’s betrayal with the Catalan model Clara Chia Marti, who later became the life partner of the former Blaugrana.

Shakira is afraid of Pique: what happened
Shakira and Pique, the gesture of the singer knocks down fans – Photo ANSA –

Artist from Barranquilla publicly expressed all his anger towards a former partner. In fact, Shakira has written a song in which she is not shy about words, referring to both Pica and his new partner.

It’s about the song “BZRP Music Sessions No. 53”where the Colombian singer seems to be addressing Piqué, accusing him of being “swapped ferrari for twingo“: The reference to the betrayal with Clara Chia Marti is all too clear.

Shakira’s gesture shocks fans: she did it for this reason

However, judging by what has become known over the past few hours, it seems that Shakira’s song “softened up” than the original intentions. The text by the South American artist was supposed to be significantly heavier, but some parts were cut out to avoid problems with Piqué. Here’s what composer Caitin had to say in an interview with Molusco TV. The composer revealed that changes were made to the original song as some of the suggestions could have caused major legal issues.

Shakira cut her song
Shakira dropped some sentences to avoid problems with the law – Photo by ANSA –

Caitin said they were taken down.”some strong stuff“is that some parts have been changed to avoid legal problems. “We had to change to be more meticulous“, added the composer, who later explained that the goal was to find the right balance. “We didn’t want to overdo it, but we didn’t want to be soft either.“, – concluded the composer.

Despite these changes, the song “BZRP Music Sessions #53” still received a very high response from Shakira’s fans. The Colombian singer is trying to restore her personal life: she has been seen several times over the past period in the company of multiple British Mercedes driver Lewis Hamilton. Moreover, Shakira was also caught at a party in Hollywood along with the famous singer Drake.

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