Shania Twain ‘prays’ for Celine Dion’s recovery

Shania Twain Source: Bang Showbiz

Shania Twain Source: Bang Showbiz

Shania Twain, like millions of fans around the world, wishes Celine Dion the best possible recovery from the horrific effects of so-called Stiff Man Syndrome, a condition that It’s a disease for the Canadian diva. This caused her to have cramps, fatigue, muscle stiffness and an inability to properly exercise her vocal cords, which had been her main working tool.

In a conversation with Billboard magazine, Twain wanted to express his solidarity with his colleague, offering her encouragement and pledging his “prayers” for her. “I’m a big fan of Céline and really love her voice. She’s a phenomenal singer, one of a kind. I hope to be able to talk to her at some point. I think it must be difficult for her, I learned from my Knowing from experience, he explained in interviews, “It’s terrible if something stops you from singing, or from enjoying life”.

“I’m praying for her that she’ll get over it and sing for us on stage again,” said the 57-year-old artist, who couldn’t help but think of her own devastating previous Lyme disease diagnosis . .It’s been twenty years. The diva had to undergo several operations, which, in her own words, were “very invasive” to return to singing with her former strength.

“It was a very invasive intervention, and it left me with a big scar that I’m very proud of. It makes me happy to have a scar, rather than no sound. The truth is, the surgery was a miracle, and I’m very gratitude. After the surgery, in order to get back into the studio, I had to relearn how to sing: I sang too loudly, and now I swear too loudly. ’ he revealed humorously as he passed the Graham Norton Theatre.Program.

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