Shaquille O’Neal joins LeBron James in wanting to own an NBA team in Las Vegas

LeBron James hasn’t shied away from letting people know he wants to have an NBA expansion team in Las Vegas, and it looks like he’s not the only one.

Shaquille O’Neal He turned his attention to Nevada’s fast-growing sports market, where NFL and NHL teams have moved to the city in recent years.

However, the former Los Angeles Lakers The star and “Inside the NBA” analyst made it clear that he wants his own ownership group rather than working with LeBron or anyone else.

“I want to have my own group” O’Neal He said. “I know Vegas hasn’t been awarded an NBA team yet, but if they were to get one one day, I’d love to be a part of it.

“I didn’t want to collaborate with anyone. I wanted it all to myself.”

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There are currently no NBA expansion plans

Currently, NBA commissioners have no formal expansion plans. Adam Silver The hope is to first complete the league’s domestic television deal, which expires in 2025.

However, that hasn’t stopped Las Vegas and Seattle from being mentioned as possible cities where the league decides to expand.

In fact, developers Oak View Group The centerpiece of a $10 billion revamp of Las Vegas’ entertainment district includes an NBA arena.

The plan also includes a hotel and gaming facility, suggesting the city may be ready to welcome another major sports team in the near future.

O’Neal is an active businessman

While time will tell if Las Vegas will get an NBA team and if O’Neal Will have it, the former center is no stranger to business deals.

O’Neal Owns multiple restaurant franchises across the country and was once a minority owner of the restaurant sacramento kings.

“Until we meet again,” he told fans after selling his stake last year.

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